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Paterson, or Silk City, is the third-most populous city in New Jersey. Served directly by Interstate 80, this bustling metropolis is filled with people and cars. Given the amount of traffic on the Garden State Parkway, U.S. Route 46, and State Route 3, it is not a surprise that car accidents are a daily occurrence. While many of these collisions result in nothing more than a few scrapes, others leave victims with catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Severe injuries require serious medical attention. Depending on the seriousness of an injury, an accident victim could need surgery, extended hospitalization, and lengthy physical or occupational therapy. In addition to the medical costs associated with a devastating injury, a car accident victim could also miss weeks or months of work. When another driver or party is to blame, they should be held financially liable.

Legal Care New Jersey is comprised of a team of lawyers with decades of experience handling complicated personal injury claims, including car accidents. Our Paterson, NJ car accident lawyers will fight for your legal rights and just compensation if you were hurt in an accident. Call (732) 838-9769 to discuss your options.

Five Common Causes of Car Accidents in Paterson, NJ

Car accidents typically occur because another driver was careless or acting recklessly. Holding another motorist liable for your damages requires proving that their conduct constitutes legal negligence. What it takes to establish negligence often depends on how the accident happened.

Drunk Driving

Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated or on drugs is one of the most dangerous things a person could do. When a driver is drunk or high, their cognitive abilities, motor functions, reaction time, vision, and decision-making ability are significantly impaired.

Someone who is drinking and driving is liable to speed, swerve erratically, brake without cause, or make other dangerous decisions. Because a drunk driver is rarely aware of their surroundings and their reaction time is hampered, accidents often result in catastrophic injuries.


It is not uncommon to see a driver ignore the posted speed limit. When a motorist is traveling much faster than other cars on the road, it can lead to an accident. Speeding decreases the time a driver has to stop or take aversive action if traffic patterns suddenly shift. Additionally, when a driver is speeding to make a light or swerving between slower vehicles, they present an unreasonable risk to others on the road.

Speeding often directly translates into severe injuries. The force of a collision at high speed can lead to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, or death.

Driving While Distracted

There are three kinds of distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive. A manual distraction occurs when a driver takes at least one hand off the wheel. Visual distractions take a driver’s eyes from the road. A cognitive distraction means the driver is not paying attention to the operation of the vehicle. Texting is one of the most serious forms of distraction because it incorporates all three types. When a driver is texting, their hand is off of the steering wheel while they are looking down at their phone, thinking about the conversation.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a sort of catch-all category of various behaviors. Typically, one might think of reckless driving as tailgating, changing multiple lanes, or ignoring traffic signals, such as refusing to yield to oncoming traffic. Reckless driving can also be used to describe speeding or driving while distracted. Another dangerous form of reckless driving is getting behind the wheel when tired or drowsy.

Bad Weather

When bad weather contributes to an accident, you might not believe another driver is to blame. However, many drivers either do not know how to drive in inclement weather or drive recklessly when conditions are bad. When visibility is limited or the roads are icy, driving the posted speed limit could be considered negligent. If another driver is not taking reasonable precautions to react to the weather conditions, they could be held liable if they contribute to an accident.

Compensation Available After a Paterson, NJ Car Accident

Car accident victims file personal injury lawsuits or negotiate with insurance companies to seek compensation for the injuries and damages they suffered.

Economic Damages

An injured person is entitled to pursue a monetary recovery for their financial losses. Economic damages include medical expenses, such as an ambulance ride, emergency treatment, surgery, physical therapy, home healthcare, and follow-up doctor’s appointments. Another significant part of a car accident victim’s economic damages includes their lost wages and, if the injury is permanent, their reduced earning capacity. Other costs that could be reimbursed include parking fees, childcare, or home modifications, depending on the seriousness of the injury.

Non-Economic Damages

Not every harm a car accident victim experiences comes with a receipt. Non-economic damages are more challenging to calculate than economic damages, but they are just as important. An injured victim is entitled to be compensated for intangible harm such as physical pain, mental anguish, anxiety, and loss of enjoyment of life. Depending on the severity and impact of an injury, non-economic damages could represent a substantial portion of a plaintiff’s award.

Paterson, NJ Car Accident Lawyers Providing Experienced and Professional Legal Representation

An unexpected injury is a serious event for an individual or family. If the primary caregiver is injured in a car crash, a family loses a valuable service while incurring significant medical bills. A sudden loss of income will often lead to a financial crisis. Our team of experienced Paterson, NJ car accident lawyers will fight for your legal rights and just compensation while you concentrate on your health and wellbeing. Call Legal Care at (732) 838-9769 to understand your options.

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