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Bayonne, NJ Car Accident Lawyer

One of the most common injury claims in New Jersey is for car accidents. If you were hurt in an auto collision, an attorney can help you hold the other driver accountable and get you financial compensation.

Car accidents can happen anywhere there is traffic, but certain streets and highways around Bayonne are riskier for drivers. Route 440, which runs through Bayonne, and various city streets tend to be heavily trafficked, and accidents might be more likely. Filing a car accident case in New Jersey requires getting around the state’s insurance laws. If you have a limited right to sue, you might need to meet specific legal criteria regarding injuries and damages before you can sue. Damages in your case should include various monetary costs in addition to personal injuries that are more subjective. Although having an attorney is not a legal requirement, it is a good idea. Your attorney can help you navigate the judicial process and get you fair compensation.

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Where Car Accidents Often Occur Around Bayonne, NJ

Bayonne is a busy town just below Jersey City and over the bridge from Staten Island. Traffic through Bayonne can be heavy, even hectic at times. As such, drivers should always be on the lookout for possible accidents and risky drivers. Some major roads and highways that run through Bayonne are hotspots for accidents.

Route 440, a state highway, runs through the city and is perhaps one of the largest arterial highways in Bayonne. Considering the sheer volume of traffic this highway sees each day, it is no wonder that accidents are a regular occurrence. Accidents on major highways like this can be extremely dangerous, as speed limits are higher, and many drivers tend to go faster than the limit anyway.

Some city streets are also common places for accidents. For example, John F. Kennedy Blvd. is a main road through the city that also sees a lot of traffic. There are countless cross streets and intersections, and other drivers might come out of nowhere and hit you.

Areas where major roads converge are also risky. For example, the area where Avenue E. meets I-78 can be complicated to navigate. The fact that this is a major entrance and exit to the highway only makes the situation riskier, and other drivers might be more likely to cause an accident.

How to File a Car Accident Claim in Bayonne, NJ

Whether you can file a car accident might depend on what kind of insurance you have. While some states have auto insurance laws that rely on proving fault, some other states have no-fault insurance systems. In no-fault states, drivers often cannot sue unless they meet certain criteria based on injuries and damages. New Jersey enforces a no-fault auto insurance system, but drivers here have options regarding whether they can sue.

You can choose a limited or unlimited right to sue when you purchase auto insurance in New Jersey. If you choose an unlimited right to sue, you can file a lawsuit for damages related to a car accident under almost any circumstances. There are no legal thresholds to meet.

If you choose the less expensive limited right to sue, you need to prove certain conditions exist in your case before you can sue. In short, with a limited right to sue, drivers agree not to sue other drivers unless they experience certain types of injuries. These injuries include significant disfigurement or scarring, severed limbs, displaced fractures, pregnancy loss, death, or another kind of permanent injury. If you have a limited right to sue, our car accident lawyers can help you review your injures and prove you meet the necessary legal criteria.

Potential Damages in Bayonne, NJ Car Accident Cases

Car accidents often involve significant injuries and extensive damage to property. Not only that but there are various emotional and mental injuries that victims must come to terms with. Talk to your attorney about the injuries you experienced after a car accident. Your damages and potential compensation might be much higher than you realize.

Emotional Distress

Some of the most severe injuries experienced by car accident victims are not physical. Rather than the body, the mind is affected by the crash. People in car accidents often report feelings of fear, depression, anxiety, and other distressing conditions. Many live with PTSD for years after an accident.

Since damages for emotional and psychological distress are unconnected to money, assessing their worth is very subjective and can be challenging. Often, juries will have the final word on how much these damages are worth and what kind of compensation they warrant. Your attorney can help you present evidence of these damages and how they have impacted your life to maximize potential compensation.

Monetary Expenses

Economic expenses and damages are easier to calculate because they come with bills, invoices, and price tags. Even so, many plaintiffs miss out on valuable compensation by forgetting to include important economic injuries in their calculations.

Some examples of economic losses include medical bills, the value of destroyed property or personal items, and lost income from being unable to work after an accident. In many cases, plaintiffs report ongoing costs. You might need future medical care to treat ongoing medical complications. In such a case, you may estimate and claim future medical expenses.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Car Accident Case in Bayonne, NJ?

Technically, courts do not require that plaintiffs be represented by attorneys to move forward with their legal claims. However, it would be unwise to try such a thing. The judicial system is extremely complex, and many of the rules and procedures appear impossibly convoluted to those with no legal training or background. Your attorney can help you prepare and file your claim while also developing legal strategies and tactics to help you prove your case.

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