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New Brunswick, NJ Slip and Fall Lawyer

People are unfortunately quick to dismiss slip and fall accidents. While these kinds of accidents may be embarrassing, they are also dangerous. Contact a lawyer if you were injured on someone else’s property.

To get fair compensation for your injuries, a lawyer can help you sue the owner of the property where you fell. The mere fact that you were injured on someone else’s property is not enough to hold them liable. We must show how the accident happened because of some hazardous condition on the property the owner should have removed or repaired. Many such accidents occur because of ice and snow, spills, or uneven walkways. Injuries are often more serious than people want to believe and may include broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, and more. To prove these claims, we need the strongest evidence possible.

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How to Get Financial Compensation for Injuries From a Slip and Fall Accident in New Brunswick, NJ

When someone is injured because they slipped and fell, they might incorrectly assume there is nobody to blame but themselves. While some people might be a bit clumsier than others, not all slip and fall accidents are accidents. Many of these incidents are the result of poorly maintained property and negligent property owners. As such, our slip and fall lawyers can identify the owner of the property where you fell and determine if they can be held legally responsible.

Property owners may be held responsible for these kinds of accidents because they owe people on their property a duty of care. This is the duty to maintain the premises in a way that is safe for guests. This duty also includes a responsibility to make reasonable inspections for possible hazards the owner might not yet be aware of. A property owner owes this duty to people they directly invite to the premises (e.g., a social guest) and those who are not invited but should be reasonably expected (e.g., a customer in a store or a delivery person on your front porch).

Property owners owe no such duty of care to unknown trespassers. For example, someone who enters your property without your permission or knowledge is an unknown trespasser, and you would owe them zero duty of care. If such a person slips and falls on your property because of a hazard you failed to remove, they likely have no legal claim to damages.

How Do Slip and Fall Accidents Occur in New Brunswick, NJ?

The exact cause of a slip and fall accident depends on the condition of the property where the accident occurred. Factors like weather, maintenance of the property, and even the time of year might all be important factors to consider.

A classic example of a slip and fall accident involves ice and snow on a walkway. In densely populated areas like New Brunswick, during the winter, people are responsible for shoveling the walkways on and adjacent to their properties to ensure the safety of the community. Failing to shovel their walkway might leave someone open to liability if someone slips and falls.

Another common cause of slip and fall accidents is wet floors and spills. This might happen in a restaurant, a grocery store, or someone’s private property. Perhaps a patron in a restaurant spills their drink, but nobody bothers to clean it up. You might slip and become badly hurt. Another possibility is that a store or business has a leaky roof or a busted pipe, and someone slips in a puddle.

If a property owner fails to take care of their property, it can quickly become unsafe for guests. For example, a lack of maintenance might lead to warped or uneven floors or stairs. Such a dangerous condition is an accident waiting to happen.

Potential Injuries and Damages You Can Claim in a New Brunswick, NJ Slip and Fall Case

Slip and fall accident cases are some of the most misunderstood civil claims. Many people assume that the injuries and damages in these kinds of cases cannot be that serious, and plaintiffs must be looking to make a fast buck off an unsuspecting defendant. This could not be further from the truth.

One of the many possible injuries involved in slip and fall accidents is broken bones. Often, people outstretch their arms when they slip to try to break their fall. Sometimes, these people end up breaking their hands, wrists, or arms. While fractures often fully recover, they can be quite painful and take weeks to heal.

Head injuries are also common. Many people are unable to break their fall, and they sometimes hit their heads. Some are lucky enough to walk away with a headache or even a concussion. Others might suffer more concerning head and brain injuries. If a person falls from a great height or simply hits their head hard enough, they might have a traumatic brain injury that hinders memory and cognitive functioning.

Back injuries are also possible. If a person falls and lands at a strange angle, they might twist their back and become painfully injured. Back injuries sometimes lead to chronic pain and mobility issues.

We should also consider non-economic injuries, such as physical pain and psychological distress. Many people feel deeply embarrassed after a slip and fall accident, especially if it happens in public. These experiences can have a lasting and traumatic effect on victims, and they should be compensated.

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