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Nobody has gotten injured as part of their daily schedule. For that reason, serious injuries often come as a surprise. Getting injured because someone else was negligent can lead to requiring costly medical care, and victims may end up with life-long injuries because of their accident.

Do not let those who injured you get away scot-free. Our lawyers are ready and able to work with you and hold those who wronged you accountable. We can collect evidence, talk to witnesses and other important parties, and fight hard for you in court and at trial to get you the damages you are owed.

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Injuries You Can Sue for in a New Brunswick, NJ Personal Injury Case

Our lawyers can represent you in court for many different injuries. No two personal injury cases are ever alike. Even two injuries of the same “type” under similar circumstances can lead to wildly different cases and court proceedings. If you were injured in any of the ways detailed below – or indeed in another way – we can help you fight for the justice you deserve.

Car Accidents

Car accidents frequently generate personal injury claims. While some car crashes happen because of a problem with the vehicle or bad road conditions, many more are the result of driver negligence. This means that the motorist was careless and hurt you as a result. Examples of driver negligence include driving under the influence, speeding, and texting while driving.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are extremely dangerous because the extreme size and weight of trucks, when compared to ordinary motor vehicles, renders many built-in car safety features moot. Injuries from truck accidents are often catastrophic and life-altering.

While truck accidents can happen for the same reasons ordinary drivers get in accidents, there are some other factors that may make certain kinds of accidents more likely. For example, truckers driver for very long periods of time over great distances. Accordingly, truckers may be more likely to get in an accident caused by fatigue or drowsiness than regular motorists.

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents are dangerous because, like in truck accidents, the vehicles involved are so large. Moreover, buses frequently have lots of passengers inside, so it is more likely that multiple people will get hurt.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slipping and falling down is often played for laughs, but the injuries you can get from a nasty fall are anything but amusing. You can receive serious nerve damage, a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and other severe injuries from a slip and fall.

Many slip and fall accidents will fall under the purview of “premises liability.” In those kinds of lawsuits, you allege that a property owner did not keep their property safe, and you got hurt as a result.

Medical Malpractice

In law, medical malpractice refers to professional negligence by a medical practitioner. A botched surgery, incorrectly prescribed medication, or failure to diagnose an illness can all constitute medical malpractice. Medical malpractice lawsuits can become complicated very quickly because of the volume of specialist knowledge at play, so you should discuss your case in detail with our personal injury attorneys.

Wrongful Death

Sadly, some injuries will result in the victim succumbing to their wounds and passing away. When this happens, certain parties can file what is called a wrongful death lawsuit. These lawsuits seek damages based on the loss of a loved one and the finances, companionship, and other benefits they conferred when they were living. There may be some special considerations for these lawsuits, so you should discuss your situation with our lawyers in those circumstances.

Damages in New Brunswick, NJ Personal Injury Cases

If you are successful in your personal injury lawsuit, you will be awarded damages by the court. Damages are how courts try and “turn back the clock” on what happened to the plaintiff. Your damages will be different from any other plaintiff’s damages because they are based on your unique situation.

You can be awarded damages for things like medical expenses, lost wages, the opportunity to earn income, and property damage. Evidence for these kinds of damages can come in the form of receipts, evaluations, invoices, and other tangible things.

You can also be awarded damages for things that do not have concrete value. For example, plaintiffs in personal injury cases frequently ask for damages for “pain and suffering.” Of course, there is no bill denoting the value of “pain,” so our attorneys will have to show the court what its value is in your case.

The Statute of Limitations for New Brunswick, NJ Personal Injury Lawsuits

When you file a personal injury lawsuit in New Jersey, you have to make sure that you file it on time. There is a law called the statute of limitations that puts a time limit on how long plaintiffs have to file a claim. In New Jersey, the time limit for a personal injury case is two years per N.J.S.A. § 2A:14-2. Once that time period is up, plaintiffs cannot successfully file a claim or collect damages.

Statutory periods can be deceptive. Two years may seem like a long time, but when you take into account the time it takes to prepare for a case – even before filing it – and the time it takes to recover from injuries, that time period is remarkably short. Accordingly, you should bring your claim to our personal injury lawyers right away.

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