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Construction work can be grueling and hard on the body, but accidents can be much worse.  Accidents can happen that might leave you out of work for a few days or take away your ability to work altogether.  If you faced injuries in a construction accident, then you could be entitled to compensation for those injuries, but getting compensation from an employer could be complex.

Our attorneys can help you file lawsuits against the appropriate party when available – whether that is your employer or another at-fault party.  We can also help you navigate restrictions on lawsuits to help you maximize your compensation and get damages for pain and suffering in your construction accident case.

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Injuries from Construction Accidents in Paterson, NJ

Injuries can happen in many different ways from many types of accidents.  The following are common injuries that construction workers and passersby can face in a construction accident that our construction accident and injury lawyers can help you with.  We can also help with other kinds of accidents and injuries that are not on this list:


Electrocution accidents can happen if foremen or electricians fail to turn off the power during construction or do not warn other workers that the power has been turned back on.  Electrocution can also happen if a power tool or other appliance is defective or hooked up improperly.

Electrocution accidents are also common for electricians themselves.  You could potentially face simple electrocution injuries, but you could also face electrical burns and arc flash injuries, potentially resulting in catastrophic injuries.

Broken Bones

Falls are common accidents on construction sites, as are transportation injuries and other injuries from vehicles and machinery.  One common result of these accidents is broken bones.

Serious fractures could require surgery to set the bone and implant rods, screws, and pins.  Especially if you broke a weight-bearing bone like your tibia or femur, you might need to avoid strenuous activity for upwards of 6 weeks.  Broken ribs, collar bones, hips, or vertebrae could result in weeks or months off work, especially if you broke your neck or back.

Neck, Back, and Spinal Injuries

As mentioned, broken bones in the neck or back can be especially bad.  If these injuries result in damage to the spinal cord, you could face paralysis and other permanent injuries resulting in motor skill issues and potentially sidelining you from construction work going forward.

Less serious back injuries can occur from lifting and carrying injuries.  A slipped disc or strain could aggravate preexisting back issues and potentially lead to time lost at work.  These injuries can also result in ongoing or permanent back issues and disabilities that might affect your ability to work going forward.

Crush Injuries

Injuries from being stuck in, under, or between equipment or materials are common in construction.  If you are crushed by falling weight, a vehicle, or machinery/equipment, you could face substantial injuries.  Crush injuries often involve broken bones, but they can break the bone into many pieces, requiring surgery and lengthening your recovery time.  Sometimes these injuries result in such severe harm that the limb needs to be surgically amputated.

Traumatic Amputation

Sometimes injuries cause amputation at the scene of the accident, leaving you with a potentially permanent injury.  Many traumatic amputations can be reattached, especially when the body part is severed quickly and “cleanly.”  It is important to get the affected body part wrapped in clean plastic and put on ice to help preserve it for reattachment.

Whether reattachment is possible or not, your time out of work could be quite long, resulting in a lot of lost wages.  If your injury involves a permanent loss, it could prevent you from working in construction entirely.

Concussions and Brain Injuries

Although hard hats are commonly used to prevent injury, construction accident victims can still face concussions and serious brain injuries either despite a helmet or in situations where a hard hat would not be required anyway.

A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Whether the TBI is serious or mild, it could result in nausea, mood swings, and cognitive issues.  More serious TBIs leave victims with long-term disabilities, motor control issues, and difficulty returning to work.

Recovering Damages for a Construction Injury in Paterson, NJ

If you were injured as a passerby in a construction accident – whether driving or walking through or near a construction site – then you could be entitled to a lawsuit.  In auto accidents, you might have limited ways to recover compensation through a lawsuit because of auto insurance rules, but on foot, you should be entitled to sue either the operator of the construction site or the owner of the property that was unsafe.

When it comes to construction workers recovering compensation for their injuries, things are often more complex.  Most workers in New Jersey are treated as employees for purposes of Workers’ Compensation rules, even if they are billed as independent contractors.  This means that general contractors and subcontractors are often barred from lawsuits against whoever is considered their “employer” – i.e., the party who pays for their Workers’ Compensation insurance.

This might mean that your only way to recover compensation is through an insurance claim.  However, when other parties are liable for your injuries, you could be entitled to sue them.  You can also sue an employer in limited situations, such as when their actions verge on intentional or when they fail to carry insurance for you.

In a construction accident lawsuit, you can often recover pain and suffering damages – which are usually barred in insurance claims for injured workers.  Additionally, you could be entitled to full compensation for lost wages, which are typically paid by these insurance companies at only a percentage of their full value.

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