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Motorcycle accidents are not governed by no-fault laws in Trenton. Accordingly, those injured because of such accidents may usually seek payment from at-fault parties.

There are multiple parties who may be responsible for motorcycle accidents. A high number of collisions are caused by careless drivers who fail to notice bikers sharing the roadway. However, crashes can also stem from manufacturers’ negligence or dangerous road conditions.

Victims of motorcycle accidents in Trenton can contact our law firm for help obtaining monetary damages. Speak with our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Legal Care New Jersey by dialing (732) 838-9769. Our team can evaluate the strength of your potential case for free.

Common Mistakes to Avoid After Suffering a Motorcycle Accident in Trenton

If you were hurt because of a motorcycle accident, then you may be able to recover payment from the party who caused your crash. However, after your collision, there are certain mistakes you should avoid. Taking the following actions may hurt your ability to recover the full range of damages available to you:

Apologizing or Admitting Fault

You should avoid making statements that can be construed as apologies or admissions of fault. It may feel natural to apologize to another driver after a motorcycle accident, even if you did not cause the collision. However, an apology you make in the aftermath of your accident can be used against you when seeking compensation for the harm your suffered.

Accordingly, the support and guidance of our motorcycle accident attorneys can be highly valuable when making official statements to insurance companies, speaking with doctors, or communicating with other parties to your lawsuit. Our lawyers can help protect your interests and take the appropriate steps toward financial compensation.

Waiting Too Long to Seek Medical Treatment

You should seek medical attention as soon as possible after being injured in a motorcycle accident. If you let your injuries heal on their own, you may fail to obtain the documentation necessary to recover compensation from another driver. Furthermore, the defendant’s insurance company may argue that a delay in treatment demonstrates that you are not truly injured. You can call our law firm after a motorcycle crash for help finding the right physicians for you.

Posting Detrimental Information on Social Media

Also, you should avoid discussing your motorcycle accident on social media or making posts that would suggest you are uninjured. Defendants’ insurance companies and attorneys will often look to plaintiffs’ social media pages when investigating their accidents. There are many ways that defendants may use a social media post against you. For example, a defense lawyer may utilize a video of you partaking in certain hobbies to assert that you are not badly hurt. Furthermore, a statement you made about your accident may be interpreted as an admission of fault. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you avoid such missteps when navigating the complex path to compensation.

Accepting a Settlement Offer Too Soon

Lastly, you should avoid accepting a settlement offer too soon after your motorcycle accident. In the aftermath of crashes, defendants’ insurance companies often attempt to entice low settlement agreements. Accordingly, you should not accept a settlement offer before consulting with our motorcycle accident attorneys. Our legal team can evaluate any settlement offers presented in your case, so that you can determine if accepting the offer or going to trial is the best choice for you.

Common Sources of Motorcycle Accidents in Trenton

Motorcycle crashes can occur for a wide array of different reasons. Determining the cause of your crash will likely be crucial to recovering financial compensation. Our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys can investigate whether your collision is related to any of the following sources:

Failing to Check for Lane Splitters

Lane splitting refers to the practice of riding a motorcycle between two lanes of slow-moving cars. Unlike in some other states, there is no law in New Jersey that prohibits lane splitting. Still, many careless drivers cause accidents by failing to check for bikers who are splitting lanes. If you sustained a harmful collision because a driver failed to check for lane splitters, you may be entitled to monetary damages.


A high number of motorcycle accidents happen because drivers are distracted. There are several different activities that may cause distraction. For example, a driver may have their attention diverted because they were texting, eating, or talking with another passenger in their vehicle. In any case, distracted drivers can be used for motorcycle accidents they cause. Our motorcycle accident attorneys can help plaintiffs build their cases against distracted motorists.

Defective Parts

Furthermore, some motorcycle accidents occur because vehicles’ parts were defectively designed, carelessly manufactured, or improperly marketed. For example, a devastating motorcycle accident may happen because a bike was equipped with a defective braking system.

In such cases, victims can pursue payment from at-fault sellers and manufacturers. However, these types of lawsuits can be complicated. Large amounts of complex evidence are usually necessary to support key elements of plaintiffs’ claims. The assistance of our lawyers can be very beneficial when seeking payment after a crash caused by a defective part.


Speeding drivers cause a high number of motorcycle collisions in Trenton. They may have difficulty controlling their cars and are prone to committing reckless maneuvers behind the wheel. Additionally, crashes that happen at higher speeds are more likely to lead to catastrophic injuries. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident caused by a speeding driver, you may be able to recover financial compensation.

Driving Drunk

Most people are aware that driving drunk is dangerous and illegal. Still, motorcycle accidents regularly occur because of negligent actions committed by drunk drivers. These collisions often happen at night but can still occur in the morning or afternoon. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help hold drunk drivers accountable for crashes related to their careless conduct.

Motorcycle Accident Victims in Trenton Can Call Our Law Firm for Support

If you were hurt as the result of a motorcycle collision, seek assistance from our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Legal Care New Jersey by calling (732) 838-9769 for a free evaluation of your claim.

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