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Motorcycle accidents are often more serious than your typical traffic incident.  As such, insurance claims and lawsuits against those who may be responsible for the accident are often more substantial.  If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in New Jersey and are considering filing a claim or pursuing a court case against a negligent party, you should know the facts.

In the vast majority of cases, traffic accidents are caused by one driver’s negligence.  Where motorcycles are involved, that party is almost always the driver of the four-wheeled vehicle.  After an accident, be sure to document all available information, such as pictures of the scene and insurance information of the others involved.  Be sure to seek medical evaluation and care soon after your accident.  Before filing your insurance claim, hire an attorney for the purposes of negotiating settlements and preparing your filings.

Legal Care New Jersey is the preeminent source of legal assistance for plaintiffs who hope to secure favorable settlements after motorcycle accident injuries.  Our experienced New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers can ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve, whether in the courtroom or in the boardroom.  Call us to schedule a free consultation at (732) 838-9769.

How to Prepare to File a Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim in New Jersey

In order to file an insurance claim for your motorcycle accident injuries, you will need as much information about the accident, parties, and damages as possible.  This process starts at the scene of the accident.  Make sure to take pictures of any residue of the accident, such as skid marks on the road or impacts to guardrails.  You should also document the damage to all vehicles involved.  Get the insurance information for the other drivers and passengers involved as well as contact information for any eyewitnesses to the accident.

You should always place a call to 911 after you are in a motorcycle accident.  The dispatcher will send officers to the scene to compile a police report, which will have much of the critical information necessary for your claim.  A police report also imbues an insurance claim with an additional level of credibility.

Once you leave the scene of the accident and you believe that you have suffered an injury, go directly to an emergency room to receive care.  Your safety is the first priority.  Additionally, establishing a medical record of the harms that you have suffered is also critical for recovery.  Leaving too much time between the accident and medical examination opens the door for an insurance provider to assert that your injuries were not that serious or were sustained subsequent to the accident and are therefore non-compensable.

You should also retain all records of quotes for repairs to your motorcycle.  Your claim can compensate you for the damage to your property in addition to the damage to your person.  If you are unhappy with the opinion of the medical provider or the auto body shop, it is absolutely permissible to seek a second opinion in either case.

Settling a Claim vs. Filing a Lawsuit for a Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey

Once you file your claim, you may be contacted by the insurance provider that is responsible for the coverage for the harms.  Representatives of the insurance company may try to get you to make statements or confirm their version of events.  You may in all likelihood receive a monetary offer to settle your claim.

A personal injury settlement is an agreement between the injured party and the liable party, wherein the liable party pays the victim a certain amount of money in exchange for the victim waiving their right to pursue their claim in court.

Settlements can often be the sensible option, because they keep both sides out of a court battle and get the injured party the cash that they need to deal with the problems that they are facing as a result of the accident.  However, if an insurance company knows that they are dealing with a claimant who does not have legal representation, they may attempt a lowball settlement offer that would leave the recipient well short of the compensation value that they deserve.

Remember, the insurance company is not on your side.  They are looking out for their own business and will do whatever it takes to limit their liability.  If a representative tries to get you to make statements about the accident, they are hoping that you will make a mistake and give them a statement that they can use against you in court.  The first settlement offer that a potential plaintiff receives is rarely a fair one (or the last one).  If you cannot get a fair value for your case, our New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyers will take your case to trial.

Benefits of a Lawyer after a Motorcycle Accident in New Jersey

Securing competent, effective legal assistance is a necessary step in a successful motorcycle accident injury claim.  Getting a lawyer shows the insurance company that you are serious about your claim.  Your attorney can negotiate with the insurance representatives in your stead to avoid any misstatements that could come back to haunt you.  Attorneys can help you file all the paperwork and secure key evidence such as expert witnesses for a potential trial.

Statistics suggest that plaintiffs who proceed further into the trial process for a personal injury suit typically earn proportionally higher settlements.  It is important to note that you can settle your claim at any time before or during the trial, up until the moment when the case is decided.  Navigating this process for the first time can be challenging.  You will want the best legal assistance that you can get.

We Can Get You the Insurance Settlement You Need for Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries in New Jersey

Legal Care New Jersey is your best option for recovery after your motorcycle accident personal injury case.  Call (732) 838-9769 to schedule a free consultation on your potential claim.

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