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A car accident is one of the most frequently cited reasons for personal injury claims. An accident might be severe, your injuries could be extensive, and your costs might be high. A lawyer can help you make the driver who caused the crash pay for your damages.

No two collisions are the same. You might have been injured in a rear-end crash, T-bone accident, sideswipe accident, or another type of crash. Damages in any of these kinds of accidents can be severe. Economic losses such as medical bills and vehicle repairs might exceed your means. Not only that but the trauma and distress of the crash can feel overwhelming, and the defendant should pay for the pain they have caused you. Evidence to prove your claims might include objects or details from the accident scene along with witness testimony. We need evidence that can prove the defendant’s negligence is what caused the crash. Our team can help you prepare your lawsuit and employ effective legal tactics to help you obtain fair compensation.

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Types of Car Accidents in Passaic, NJ

How your accident occurred plays a big role in how you and your attorney approach your case. Sometimes, accidents are obviously the fault of one driver or the other. Other kinds of accidents are unclear and might require investigation by your attorney and the authorities.

Rear-end crashes are common and often unremarkable. You might hear people talk about these accidents as “fender-benders.” While many rear-end accidents involve only minor damage to vehicle bumpers, they can sometimes be very injurious to drivers. Many drivers experience serious whiplash because of rear-end accidents. In other cases, a driver is rear-ended and pushed into an intersection where they are struck by incoming traffic.

T-bone accidents occur when one vehicle is struck on the side by another, often in the middle of intersections. These kinds of accidents can be extremely dangerous, and the person on the side of the vehicle that is impacted might be very badly hurt. In many cases, these accidents occur because a negligent driver ran a stop sign or red light and entered an intersection when they were not supposed to.

Head-on collisions are often regarded as one of the most dangerous types of collisions, especially when they happen at high rates of speed. When two vehicles crash into each other head-on, all parties involved might be severely injured or worse. You should contact an attorney about taking legal action as soon as possible.

Claiming Damages in Your Passaic, NJ Car Accident Case

Damages are everything you lost and injuries you sustained because of the car accident. Damages might be monetary and involve costs and expenses. They might also be based on emotional or psychological suffering. An experienced attorney can help you review your case and identify all your damages.

Chief among your damages is your medical expenses. Even if you did not sustain severe or life-threatening injuries, medical treatment might still be expensive. Medical bills might be staggering for those requiring numerous treatments and more extensive care.

You should also claim the value of your damaged vehicle. Even if it is not totaled, repairing it might be very expensive. These costs should be covered by the person responsible for the crash, not you.

To make matters worse, you might have difficulty going back to work if your injuries are severe. In that case, you should claim the wages and income you lose because of your injuries. The longer you are out of work, the higher your damages should be.

Talk to your attorney about the emotional toll the accident might have taken. It is easy to become so caught up in financial losses that you forget to take stock of your emotional or psychological state. Suffering, anguish, and distress can greatly impact your life, and you should be fairly compensated.

Using Evidence to Prove Your Claims in a Passaic, NJ Car Accident Case

Your case hinges on evidence. For every claim and allegation made in your initial complaint, we need some evidence to back it up. Evidence might come from the scene of the crash or almost anywhere else as long as it is relevant and admissible.

Car accidents are not normally solitary events. Usually, there are several people nearby who saw the accident happen or came upon the scene shortly after it happened. These people may testify as witnesses and explain exactly what they saw to a jury. If multiple witnesses can back up your claims and version of events, you stand a better chance of getting compensation.

Photos and videos from the accident might also be important. Many drivers photograph the scene for insurance purposes. Other drivers might have dashcams in their cars that recorded the whole thing. These recordings might contain very valuable details that we can use to prove the defendant’s liability.

Overall, the evidence should help us establish the defendant’s negligence. More specifically, we need to establish each legal element that makes up negligence: duty, breach, causation, and damages. You might lose your case if even one of these elements is not sufficiently proven.

Duty refers to the defendant’s legal obligation or duty of care they owed the plaintiff. In car accident cases, this is often the duty to drive with reasonable safety under the circumstances while adhering to traffic laws. The breach is whatever the defendant did to violate their duty. Causation is how the breach connects to the accidents. In short, the breach must be the direct cause of the crash. Finally, we need evidence showing your damages are real.

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