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Construction workers have inherently dangerous jobs. These workers are often asked to complete tasks from tall heights, control dangerous machinery, and work with powerful tools. Therefore, when negligent conduct occurs on a construction site, workers can suffer severely harmful accidents.

You may be able to sue the party who caused your construction accident. Determining whether you have a strong case will involve analyzing a wide range of factors surrounding your injury. If your case succeeds, then you may be entitled to several types of economic and non-economic damages.

In the aftermath of a construction accident in Lakewood, NJ, seek help from our experienced construction accident lawyers by calling Legal Care New Jersey at (732) 838-9769.

Common Types of Construction Accidents that Happen in Lakewood, NJ

Construction workers can suffer several different types of accidents. The following are common types of accidents that happen in Lakewood, NJ:

Ground Collapses

Ground collapses typically occur when excavation begins for new buildings. During this process, the soil is disturbed, and surrounding areas can become unstable. When the ground collapses onto nearby workers, devastating injuries can occur.

Scaffolding Accidents

Another common type of accident suffered by workers in Lakewood is scaffolding accidents. Scaffolding structures are temporary platforms that help workers reach tall heights to perform various tasks. When these structures are not assembled correctly, workers can suffer catastrophic falls from tall heights. Furthermore, workers can fall from scaffolding structures because of dangerous hazards like slippery spots and loose wires found on the platforms.

Welding Accidents

Welding accidents happen when workers are exposed to exposed harmful flames and UV radiation coming from their torches. These accidents can happen for a number of reasons. For instance, a welder may suffer a painful burn injury because they were handling a defective torch. Furthermore, a worker may suffer harm because they were not equipped with proper safety equipment.


Furthermore, electrocutions are a common type of construction accident suffered by workers in Lakewood. These types of accidents often happen when workers are inappropriately exposed to live power lines or other power sources. After being electrocuted on the job, our construction accident attorneys can evaluate the strength of your potential lawsuit.

Crane Accidents

Finally, many construction workers are hurt as the result of crane accidents. These accidents can come in several forms. For example, workers may be injured because a crane drops a heavy load of cargo on top of them. Further, a crane accident may occur when a crane collides with another vehicle on a construction site. In any case, victims of crane accidents may be entitled to financial compensation for the damages they incurred.

Time Limit to File a Construction Accident Lawsuit in Lakewood, NJ

The time limit to file a construction accident case in New Jersey is set forth by N.J.S.A. § 2A:14-2. Usually, you will have two years after the date of your construction accident to file your case. If you do not bring your case to court on time, you may miss out on your opportunity to obtain financial compensation.

Despite potentially having two years to file your case, you should call our law firm as soon as possible after suffering a construction accident. As time goes by, important evidence needed to support your lawsuit may become hard to collect. The quicker you reach out to our legal team, the more easily we can gather the information needed to win your case.

Evaluating Settlement Offers in Lakewood Construction Accident Lawsuits

If you file a construction accident lawsuit, the defendant in your case will likely present you with a settlement offer before going to trial. When you enter into a settlement agreement, you are agreeing to accept a specific sum of payment from the defendant in exchange for the dismissal of your case. There are some advantages to reaching a settlement agreement. Plaintiffs who settle early may have to pay less witness fees and filing expenses. Furthermore, those who settle before trial may receive their payment more quickly.

Unfortunately, many defendants in construction accident cases attempt to entice quick and cheap settlement offers. You may be presented with a settlement offer that is worth significantly less than the true value of your case. Accordingly, you may need to go to trial to obtain the full range of compensation available to you. However, if your case does not succeed, then you may receive no payment whatsoever.

Damages Available to Plaintiffs in Construction Accident Lawsuits in Lakewood, NJ

Plaintiffs in construction accident lawsuits may pursue a wide range of monetary damages. For instance, if you are hurt on a construction site, you may be able to obtain several forms of economic damages from the at fault party. Any medical expenses you incur because of your construction accident injuries may be compensated. Furthermore, if you are forced to miss work because of your injuries, then you can pursue damages for the lost wages your sustained.

There are other types of economic damages that may also be available. As an example, you may incur expensive transportation costs when commuting to and from your doctor’s appointments. Furthermore, if you are a parent, you may have to pay for help with child care during your recovery. Monetary damages for these out-of-pocket expenses may also be recovered from the at-fault party.

In addition to economic damages, you may also seek payment for non-economic damages related to your construction accident injuries. For example, in addition to causing severe pain, your injury may prevent you from partaking in your favorite hobbies or engaging in relationships with family members. In this case, you would be able to pursue damages for the physical pain and emotional suffering you endured. Non-economic damages are usually calculated by assessing the severity of your injuries and the overall impact they have on your life.

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