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Truck accident victims can face serious injuries, time away from work, and substantial pain and suffering after a truck accident.  Often, truck accidents victims are injured through no fault of their own; the truck driver and the trucking company bear the brunt of fault in many of these cases.  If you or a loved one was injured in a trucking accident, it is vital that you speak with an injury attorney about your case.

A Jersey City truck accident lawyer can help you pursue a lawsuit against the driver and their trucking company to get you the compensation you deserve.  Payments for medical bills, missed wages at work, and pain and suffering might be necessary to help you and your family keep going after a serious accident.

For a free review of your case, call the Jersey City, NJ truck accident lawyers at Legal Care New Jersey today.  Our office phone number is (732) 838-9769.

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Jersey City

The very first thing you should do after being involved in an accident with a truck is get yourself to safety.  Move your car to the side of the road if you are able to, or get out of your car and get to a safe location.  From there, contact the authorities and take the following steps.

Get Medical Attention

When an ambulance responds, the EMTs can help determine whether you need first aid or additional medical care.  If they recommend you go to a hospital, follow all medical advice and make sure that you get your injuries treated.  After an accident, the adrenaline in your body and the shock of some injuries can hide the pain from you.  You might not even feel very serious injuries, so it is important to trust medical advice from experts.  Untreated injuries could get worse and potentially become fatal, especially with head injuries.

Collect Evidence

If you are able to remain at the crash scene, you should gather as much information as you can about the accident.  This includes getting the names and contact info of everyone involved in the crash, such as other drivers, passengers, witnesses, and more.  Also collect the truck driver’s employer information so you know what trucking company was involved in the case.

Find out where the accident happened, including nearby cross streets or mile markers.  Also note any relevant details such as weather conditions, road conditions, and lighting conditions.  Also note any traffic control devices (traffic lights, signs) that might have impacted the accident and who was at fault.

Talk to a Lawyer

It is best to talk to a lawyer as early as you can in your case.  Attorneys that offer free case reviews, such as our Jersey City truck accident lawyers, can discuss your case with you and talk to you about what steps to take next and what they can do in the background while you focus on recovery.  If your injuries are severe, you will need time to heal – but your lawyers can begin building your case in the background.

Who to Sue for Truck Accidents in Jersey City

When you are injured in a truck crash, you can often sue both the driver who hit you and the trucking company they work for.  Truckers who make mistakes behind the wheel are directly liable for their own actions, but employers are also “vicariously liable” for their employees’ actions.  For the company to be held liable, the driver’s negligence must have occurred while they were on duty and while working within the scope of their duties.

Trucking companies can also be held liable in their own right for their own mistakes.  Trucking companies sometimes violate state and federal trucking regulations designed to help keep other drivers safe.  When injuries result from violations of hours of service rules, truck maintenance standards, equipment requirements, or driver screening rules, the trucking company can be held liable for their violations.

Other drivers could also share fault in a truck accident.  The courts can assign partial fault to each driver involved in a crash.  This is common in crashes that occur in intersections or in multi-car pileups.  Often, truck crashes are made worse because of other drivers trying to pass trucks or driving in their blind spots.  Those drivers could be assigned a share of the damages in your accident case.

Damages for Truck Accident Victims in Jersey City

Victims of truck accident injuries are often left with medical expenses, time out of work, and mental and emotional effects of the injury.  The impact of a serious injury on your life can involve depression, post-traumatic stress symptoms, reduced enjoyment of life, and an inability to participate in activities that you used to enjoy.  All of these damages and more can be compensated.

In a lawsuit, victims of truck accident cases can ask the court to award them damages for these economic and non-economic effects of the crash.  The at-fault parties should be responsible for paying these damages, usually through their insurance.

Typically truck accident cases are ultimately resolved through settlement.  Your Jersey City truck accident lawyer can negotiate this settlement and advise you on whether the settlement is too low for your needs.  If the trucking company and insurance companies refuse to settle at a fair value, we can press your case in court.

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