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People often use ridesharing services like Lyft or Uber to make short trips. Rides to work, school, or a restaurant are common. Unfortunately, you do not have to be in one of these vehicles long to be injured in a crash.

Somewhat common factors in these crashes include distracted drivers, driving under the influence, and speeding. After the accident, your attorney can help you hold responsible parties liable for your injuries. These parties might include Lyft or Uber drivers and others, but not usually the ridesharing companies. You should hire a lawyer because your accident might be more complicated than anticipated, especially if multiple vehicles are involved. A lot of compensation might be at stake, and you want someone with experience to help you maximize your chances of success. Damages should include medical treatment costs, property damage, and emotional suffering or distress.

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Circumstances Surrounding Many Lyft or Uber Crashes in Passaic, NJ

The reasons behind an accident might be crystal clear from the beginning or shrouded in mystery. Either way, you should discuss your case with your attorney to determine exactly how your crash occurred. Knowing this information may help your lawyer search for evidence and devise an effective strategy for your lawsuit.

Many ridesharing accidents happen because drivers are distracted. Often, drivers are constantly keeping an eye on their phones because they are waiting for their next ride. The ridesharing app automatically pairs them with nearby riders, so the phone must always be on. On top of that, the phone provides GPS instructions for the driver, making for even more of a distraction.

Alcohol is an unfortunately common factor in many accidents, including those involving Lyft or Uber. The driver might have had too much to drink before getting behind the wheel. It is also possible that they sip alcohol to pass the time while driving around passengers all day. If alcohol played a role in your crash, tell your lawyer and get the police involved immediately.

While all accidents should be considered serious, they can be particularly severe when high rates of speed are involved. Ridesharing drivers often go faster than designated speed limits because they want to complete trips and drop off riders as quickly as possible. The more rides they complete, the more they get paid. This also creates a higher risk of accidents.

Who Can You Hold Responsible for Your Injuries After a Collision with a Lyft or Uber?

After a crash, you must include all responsible parties in your case. If someone who shares responsibility is left out, they might not have to pay anything to cover your damages, and you risk losing out on compensation. While some parties might be obviously implicated, others might fly under the radar, and you should speak to a lawyer to make sure no parties are missed.

The Driver

Since the ridesharing driver who hit you is likely directly responsible for your injuries, it is probably obvious from the start to include them in your case. After the crash, all parties, including the other driver, must remain at the scene until law enforcement or emergency responders arrive. You should exchange information with the other driver during this time if you can. We can use this information to begin an insurance claim, file a lawsuit, or initiate some combination of legal actions.

If the Lyft or Uber driver fled the scene, including them in your claims might be more challenging. A hit and run is a criminal offense, and you should contact the police as soon as possible. The police may investigate the accident and track down the other driver so we can take legal action for damages.

Other Drivers

In multi-vehicle accidents, other drivers may share liability for the crash with a ridesharing driver. For example, suppose an Uber driver rear-ended you at a stop sign and pushed you into the intersection. Next, suppose a second driver was driving dangerously fast and unable to stop before hitting you in the intersection. Both drivers might be liable since both behaved negligently.

Uber and Lyft

Although it is tempting to try and take legal action against the ridesharing companies, this might not be possible. Normally, an employer may be held vicariously liable if their negligent employee causes injuries or an accident. However, ridesharing companies are typically shielded from this kind of liability because drivers are independent contractors, not employees.

Why You Should Get a Lawyer for Your Lyft or Uber Accident Case in Passaic, NJ

There is no law requiring injured plaintiffs to retain legal counsel. In fact, you are allowed to handle tour claims independently if you wish. However, this is likely not the wisest decision, as the judicial process is notoriously complex, time-consuming, and frustrating. You should hire a lawyer with experience with cases and claims like yours.

You do not have an unlimited amount of time to file your claim. The statute of limitations in New Jersey is only 2 years, meaning you have no more than 2 years from the date of the collision to submit a lawsuit. By the time you recover from your injuries, precious time might already be slipping away. On top of that, you must gather evidence, assess your damages, prepare legal paperwork, and develop legal strategies to help your case. All of this takes time, especially if you are not experienced with injury cases and claims. A seasoned attorney can begin your case while you are still recovering and get things done much faster.

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