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Absolutely no one should be allowed to cause you bodily harm and not face any repercussions. If you have been injured, an attorney can help you explore legal options for compensation and justice.

If you are hurt, you should call for help and get to a hospital. If you believe another person is to blame, you should take stock of the accident scene, talk to the police, and call an attorney for legal advice. Your lawyer can help you sue the other person for your damages. The process of starting a lawsuit is far from simple, and you may need the guidance of an experienced attorney. To back up your allegations against the defendant, we need evidence. Once we find the evidence we need, we must use it to convince the jury of your claims. The field of personal injury law can be very broad, but common cases involve auto accidents, premises liability claims, and wrongful deaths.

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What to Do if Your Experience a Personal Injury in Passaic, NJ

No matter what, if you have been injured, you should call for emergency help. Call 911 and have an ambulance and the police dispatched to help you. If you can get to a hospital on your own, you should still call the police and report the incident.

If possible, before you leave the accident scene, you should try to take stock of everything that is going on. Take some pictures or record videos of the accident scene. In many cases, these recordings preserve valuable details we can use to prove the defendant caused the accident. If you cannot take any pictures or videos, you can at least do your best to commit the scene to memory so you can testify about it later.

Call a lawyer as soon as you can to discuss ways of obtaining compensation from the person who hurt you. Depending on the situation, the police might have arrested the person who hurt you, and they might even face criminal charges. We can talk to the police and see if there is any information in the police report that might lead us to more evidence.

How to Sue for Personal Injuries and Damages in Passaic, NJ

To sue for your personal injuries, we first must evaluate your damages. Your damages should cover the financial toll of your injuries in addition to emotional suffering. Medical bills are a huge financial cost for many injured plaintiffs. The more severe your injuries, the more extensive treatment you need, and the higher your medical bills will likely be. If you can no longer work, we can estimate the value of your lost income.

Emotional damages might include painful experiences like physical pain, psychological distress, humiliation, damage to your reputation, and more. You might spend a long time recovering from your injuries, and recovery is rarely comfortable or easy. Emotional turmoil might be significant, and you should be justly compensated.

To initiate your lawsuit, we must write a formal complaint that details your injuries and other details about the accident, including your damages and why we believe the defendant is liable. Remember, this is a formal legal document, not merely a list of allegations or grievances. If certain information is lacking, your case might be rejected before it even begins.

Supporting Your Personal Injury Claims in Passaic, NJ

We need evidence to support your claims for compensation. We should work on gathering evidence as quickly as possible because we need at least some evidence to show in the initial complaint. To file the complaint, we need just enough evidence to show that you have a valid cause of action. Once a trial is scheduled, we need more evidence to meet our burden of proof.

Evidence often comes from the area where you were injured. For example, if you were injured in a car accident, we might go back to the scene to find security cameras or investigate for physical evidence. If you were injured on someone’s private property, we might need to get a subpoena to obtain evidence from the property or file a motion to compel discovery.

Once we have enough evidence to meet our burden of proof, we must convince the jury to believe us. Juries are free to accept or reject the evidence for whatever reason. Persuading the jury may or may not be challenging. Some jurors are very open-minded when it comes to hearing new evidence, while others are not. Developing effective and convincing strategies to present the evidence persuasively is crucial to your case’s success.

Commonly Filed Personal Injury Claims in Passaic, NJ

One of the biggest struggles among plaintiffs with personal injury claims is figuring out the precise nature of their claims. Personal injury law encompasses innumerable injuries, cases, and claims. As such, it is in your best interest to find an attorney with experience with similar claims, as the laws surrounding your case might be unique.

Our team of legal professionals has experience with various kinds of personal injury claims. Car accidents are a very common personal injury claim. If you were injured in an auto accident involving a car, truck, or motorcycle, or if you were a pedestrian, you can sue the other driver for your injuries.

Another common claim related to a subset of personal injury claims known as premises liability claims. These injury cases are based on accidents that occur on the defendant’s property because of certain hazardous conditions that should have been repaired or removed by the defendant. Many of these cases involve slip and fall injuries where the plaintiff fell because of dangerous or unsafe conditions on someone else’s property.

There are numerous other cases and claims our office can help you with. You should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible.

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