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Many drivers with some spare time and access to a vehicle are signing up to drive for rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft. However, even “professional” drivers are prone to mistakes behind the wheel. If you were injured in an accident caused by a negligent or reckless Uber or Lyft driver, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover for your injuries.

By filing a lawsuit against the Uber or Lyft driver who caused your injuries, you can penetrate the supplemental coverage provided by the rideshare company, which will most likely be enough to cover your total damages. You can file a lawsuit whether you were in the rideshare vehicle, another vehicle, or merely walking in the area when the accident occurred and caused your injuries. However, you only have two years from the date of the accident to file.

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Victims Who Can Sue for Uber and Lyft Accidents in Newark, NJ

Car accidents have the potential to injure a number of different parties involved. Injury victims deserve to know what their situation entails for the purposes of an Uber or Lyft accident injury lawsuit in Newark. Read below or speak to one of our Newark Uber and Lyft accident attorneys today to find out more.

Other Drivers in Accidents with Uber or Lyft Drivers

If you were driving and got involved in an accident with a negligent or reckless rideshare driver, your case will function just like any other car accident lawsuit. Read more below about how companies like Uber and Lyft provide their drivers with supplemental insurance that should cover your damages if they cause an accident while on the job.

Uber or Lyft Passengers

Even if you were in the car that was responsible for causing the accident, you can still file a lawsuit against the driver if they caused your injuries. Remember that rideshare drivers have legal obligations to drive reasonably and protect you from an accident that might foreseeably injure you, even if you voluntarily got in the car.

Cyclists and Pedestrians

You do not need to be in a car in order to file a lawsuit for a car accident. Cyclists and pedestrians do not enjoy the same safety features that drivers and passengers do, making them even more likely to sustain serious injury in a car accident.

Determining Whom to Sue for a Newark Uber and Lyft Accident

Even if the driver who caused your accident was on the clock as a rideshare driver at the time, you likely cannot sue the rideshare company itself. This is because Uber and Lyft drivers are typically classified as independent contractors as opposed to traditional employees. However, if you are worried about your ability to recover from the driver directly, you should be aware that Uber and Lyft provide supplemental insurance coverage to their drivers.

This additional insurance coverage applies to cover any property damage or injuries that the rideshare driver causes while on the job. But what does “on the job” mean?  The insurance will only apply if the rideshare driver was either transporting a rider, on their way to pick up a rider, or had their application activated and were awaiting a new fare. Otherwise, the rideshare driver is no different from any other individual driver on the road.

If the Uber or Lyft driver is transporting a fare at the time of the accident, the supplemental insurance provided by the rideshare company will cover up to $1 million in damages. Whether you were another driver, a passenger in the Uber or Lyft itself, or a cyclist or pedestrian, and you were injured in the accident, you can benefit from the rideshare company’s supplemental insurance coverage.

Damages for an Uber and Lyft Accident Injury Lawsuit in Newark

It is too difficult to determine what you should expect in damages for your lawsuit without more information about your specific case. That is why, before you make any decisions regarding your recovery, you should speak to a Newark Uber and Lyft accident lawyer about how much your case could be worth.

Damages are calculated based on a number of different factors, such as lost wages, medical expenses, and the repair or replacement value of any damages to your vehicle. However, you can also recover damages based on the pain and suffering that you have and will likely experience as a result of your experience. This is the added value of a lawsuit that an insurance claim cannot provide.

Statute of Limitations for Uber and Lyft Accident Injury Lawsuits in Newark

In the State of New Jersey, car accident injury victims have up to two years to file their lawsuit regarding their injuries. This law (known as the statute of limitations) applies whether the at-fault driver was working for a rideshare company or not. The clock starts on the date of the accident, so it is critical that you act quickly to meet the deadline.

Two years may seem like plenty of time, but you might not be aware of everything that goes into preparing your official filing, such as estimating damages and identifying responsible parties. For the best chance of winning your case, give your Newark Uber and Lyft accident attorney as much time as possible to prepare your case. Remember, the sooner you file, the sooner you are likely to see the recovery that you deserve.

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