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If you are interested in taking legal action because someone else harmed you, there is a good chance your case falls under the legal umbrella of personal injury claims. There are innumerable different types of personal injury claims, and you need a lawyer with the right experience to help you.

Since the field of personal injuries is so broad, you need a lawyer who has handled cases like yours before. Our team has experience with auto accidents, bike crashes, construction injuries, premises liability claims, and even wrongful deaths. If you are injured and want to take legal action, you should get help before gathering evidence and evaluating your damages with a lawyer. Our legal team can help you prove that the defendant caused your injuries. You deserve fair financial compensation for your damages, and our team will work to make it happen.

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Personal Injury Cases Our Clifton, NJ Attorneys Have Handled

Our team of attorneys has experience with various accident cases, including various auto accidents and injuries. Many cases involve typical cars or other standard vehicles, and these cases are arguably more common. We also have experience with accidents involving motorcycles and large trucks.

We also have handled bike accidents where bike riders are struck by moving vehicles. Often, the bike riders in these cases are badly hurt, while the drivers who hit them are unharmed. This can feel incredibly frustrating, especially when drivers unfairly blame you for the accident. Our team has helped bike riders get fair compensation for their injuries, and we are prepared to help you too.

Some accidents are specific to certain kinds of places. Accidents in construction zones are not uncommon since these places are inherently dangerous, with numerous hazards and dangerous tools. If proper precautions are not taken, you might be badly hurt, and we can help you determine who should be held responsible.

Do not underestimate slip and fall cases. While people sometimes brush these off as non-serious, many slip and fall victims are badly injured and need help recovering damages. These cases are a bit different because the defendant is not necessarily directly involved. They may be liable simply by virtue of property ownership.

Wrongful death claims are often wrapped up in various personal injury claims. Not only do surviving family members have injuries to claim, but we can help them claim injuries their loved none suffered before passing away.

What to Do if You Experience a Personal Injury in Clifton, NJ

While personal injury claims are fairly common, and some are even so common as to be routine in some courts, they are still famously complicated. If you experience a personal injury, there are several steps to take that can help you take control of your case and get the fair compensation you deserve.

Get Help

The first thing you should do almost immediately after an injury is get help. Call for an ambulance if you need it or even if you are not sure. Always err on the side of caution and get emergency medical care. Not only is this better for your injuries, as you will get the care you need to recover, but it also helps create records of your injuries we can use as evidence later.

It is also a good idea to contact the police. People often assume the police are unnecessary if no crime is involved, and many personal injury claims do not involve criminal activity. Even so, the police might investigate to make sure nothing criminal is going on, and we can use their police report to guide us toward additional evidence.

Finally, contact an attorney about your situation as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you understand the extent of your damages and begin developing effective legal strategies to get you the financial compensation you need and deserve.

Gather Evidence

As discussed above, evidence is key to your claims. Much evidence might come from the location of your accident. For example, after a car accident, many injured drivers and passengers take photographs of the scene and surrounding area. This is often for insurance, but the photos also make great evidence in a courtroom.

It is fairly common for injured victims to be so badly hurt they cannot do things like take pictures for evidence. In such cases, we can find witnesses to testify about what they saw when your accident happened. The more witnesses, the better. Even if a witness did not witness the accident, they might have other personal knowledge related to the accident or the defendant that might be useful to your case.

Records are another great source of evidence. Depending on your case, there might be police, medical, or even business records our personal injury attorneys can use to help prove your claims. Often, these records are in the hands of the defendant, and we might need to file motions with the court to compel discovery so we can see and review these records for ourselves.

Evaluate Losses, Injuries, and Damages

Once you have hired an attorney, they can help you assess your damages. Damages encompass the numerous injuries and losses of your case. Of course, bodily injuries are a top concern when it comes to damages, but many other smaller damages might add up to a significant sum.

Economic damages are related to money you lost because of your injuries. High medical bills are a major contributor to economic damages. If you require extensive treatment that is still ongoing, we can claim the cost of reasonably anticipated future medical care. We should also claim the value of income you lose because you cannot go back to work and the cost of replacing damaged property.

Injuries unrelated to money are harder to evaluate but still deserve fair compensation. Non-economic damages might include physical pain, psychological trauma and suffering, humiliation, damage to your reputation, and other painful experiences. While these damages do not have a solid monetary value, we can work to convince a jury that they deserve significant compensation.

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