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Car accidents are much more common than anyone would like to believe.  According to the latest data available, roughly 60,000 injuries are reported every year in New Jersey as a result of car accidents.  Car accidents are almost always caused by the negligence or recklessness of a driver on the road.  If someone is responsible for a car accident that causes you injuries, you deserve to know your legal options.

You may file a lawsuit to recover for your injuries after a car accident in New Jersey.  After seeking medical attention, you can take several steps to ensure that you have the best chance of recovery.  When successful, plaintiffs can obtain financial compensation for their medical care, missed time at work, and pain and suffering as a result of their experience.  However, plaintiffs only have two years from the date of the injury to file.

If you have been injured in a car accident in New Jersey, you deserve the experience and knowledge of a premier New Jersey car accident lawyer.  Legal Care New Jersey can put you in the best position for success in your potential lawsuit so that you can recover from your injuries with the comfort that you deserve.  To schedule a free consultation, call (732) 838-9769 today.

What to Do After a Car Accident in New Jersey

When you are injured in a car accident, the first step that you should take is to protect yourself physically from any further danger.  If you can, move your car out of the way of traffic and check yourself for any injuries before attempting to get out.  Call 911 so that police and paramedics may be dispatched if necessary.

Once everyone is safe, gather information from the other parties involved.  You will want to obtain names, license plate numbers, phone numbers, and, most importantly, insurance information for all other drivers.  Take pictures of the scene of the accident and the damages to the cars or property involved.  You may also want to retrieve contact information from any witnesses to the accident.  If your injuries prevent you from doing this, the police who are dispatched to the scene will gather that information for the police report.

Seek medical attention soon after the accident, no matter how severe your injuries are.  Delays between an accident and medical care for the injuries may call into question whether the injuries were caused by the accident or occurred afterwards.

Once you have received appropriate medical care for your injuries, contact our New Jersey car accident attorneys immediately for help with your potential claim.  A lawyer can help you gather evidence, negotiate with insurance representatives on potential settlements, and prepare your personal injury claim for court if need be.

Damages After a Car Accident in New Jersey

A plaintiff who is successful in a lawsuit after suffering a car accident injury will be compensated for the harms that they have suffered.  This compensation is referred to as “damages.”  There are three types of damages that are available to a victim of a car accident caused by another driver: economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.  Economic and non-economic damages are available in every personal injury lawsuit, while punitive damages may be available depending on the conduct of the defendant.

Economic Damages

Injuries after car accidents come with direct, tangible costs that the victim would not have incurred otherwise.  Courts will compensate a successful car accident injury plaintiff with damages that reflect the cost of medical care.  Expenses such as emergency care, surgical procedures, ambulance rides, specialist appointments, and physical therapy are all compensable under economic damages.  Plaintiffs may also pursue any property damage such as the cost of repairs to the car.  If the injuries suffered force the victim to miss out on time at work, economic damages will account for any lost wages on the part of the victim.

Non-Economic Damages

The consequences of a car accident may not be resolved by covering medical bills.  Car accidents may create pain, suffering, and substantial psychological trauma for those involved.  In the case of particularly severe injuries, the long-term effects on quality of life can be substantial.  Though harder to calculate, non-economic damages after a car accident injury lawsuit in New Jersey often make up the majority of damages awarded.

Punitive Damages

In contrast to the other theories of damages, which depend on the experience of the plaintiff, punitive damages are determined based on the conduct of the defendant.  Punitive damages are only awarded in New Jersey when the plaintiff’s conduct meets a level of recklessness that suggests a willful and wanton disregard for the well-being of the victim.  Common situations where punitive damages are assessed for car accidents include instances of drunk driving, highly excessive speeds, and drag racing.

Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Lawsuits in New Jersey

The New Jersey statute of limitations – the time limit for filing a lawsuit – is two years for personal injuries after a car accident.  In other words, from the date of the accident, a potential plaintiff has two years to file their lawsuit in court.  The process of compiling information and preparing an effective complaint can take time, especially in complex situations, so starting the process early is always in your best interest.  Failure to meet the statute of limitations will likely result in the plaintiff missing out on their opportunity to recover in court, so it is important that victims act quickly and decisively.

Get Justice After a New Jersey Car Accident

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