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You deserve compensation if you were hurt because of another person’s negligent, reckless actions. Even if the other person did not technically commit a crime, a lawyer can help you take your claims to court and get fair compensation for your injuries.

Personal injury cases encompass a broad spectrum of injuries and accidents. This area of law is so vast that if you are uncertain of what kind of claim you have, there is a good chance it is some sort of personal injury claim. Our team has experience with several kinds of claims, including auto accidents, bike accidents, construction site injuries, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful deaths. Damages in personal injuries may cover economic and non-economic losses and injuries. Punitive damages might also be available under very specific circumstances. Your attorney can help you file your claims and hopefully get fair compensation before the statute of limitation expires.

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Types of Personal Injury Claims Our Team Has Handled in East Orange, NJ

As mentioned before, the field of personal injury law is vast. Numerous accidents, injuries, and claims fall under the umbrella of personal injury. It is crucial that you hire a lawyer who not only handles personal injury claims but has experience with claims similar to yours. Below are just a few of the kinds of cases our team has handled before and can help you with now.

Auto Accidents

Vehicle accidents are some of the most common personal injury claims in the judicial system. Even so, each accident is unique and requires an individualized approach from your lawyer. Accidents often involve cars, but motorcycles, trucks, buses, and even pedestrians might be involved in some cases.

New Jersey has complicated insurance laws that make suing for auto accidents challenging. You might have an unlimited or limited right to sue, depending on what kind of insurance policy you purchase. If your right to sue is limited, you must demonstrate how your claims meet certain legal criteria to sue. Our personal injury attorneys can help you identify and prove those criteria.

Bike Crashes

Another very common accident involves bikes. You might have been riding your bike when you were hit by a car, or a vehicle might have swerved from the road into the bike lane. Drivers tend to overlook or outright ignore bike riders and should be held accountable for their actions. Our team has helped injured bike riders get justice and compensation for their damages.

Construction Injuries

Some personal injuries arise on the job. While all workplaces carry some degree of risk, construction sites tend to be very hazardous. Not only are construction workers regularly working with dangerous machinery, tools, and equipment, but employers are responsible for maintaining a safe environment and enforcing safety protocols. If protocols are not followed, accidents and injuries occur.

Slip and Falls

Premises liability accidents involve injuries and accidents that happen on someone’s property. That person may be held liable by virtue of their ownership of the property. A common example of a premises liability claim is a slip and fall accident.

Perhaps you were in the grocery store when you slipped and fell on a wet floor that had not been blocked off or posted with a wet-floor sign. Although the fall is brief, it can be very painful and lead to severe injuries. Broken bones and even head injuries are not uncommon.

Wrongful Death

If you lost a family member in an accident, you can file a wrongful death claim and get compensation for your family’s grievous loss. You can also claim damages for personal injuries your loved one might have sustained shortly before passing away. If you lost a family member in a car crash, you might claim the value of their damaged vehicle and any medical bills they incurred from emergency treatment.

Damages You Can Recover in Personal Injury Cases in East Orange, NJ

Damages in personal injury claims account for the losses, injuries, and expenses a plaintiff incurs as a direct result of the defendant’s actions. The more severe your injuries, the higher your damages. While many damages fall under the category of compensatory damages, punitive damages might also be available under very specific conditions.

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory damages include compensation for actual losses suffered by the plaintiff. Many of these losses are economical, but others are unrelated to money and costs and are more personal and subjective.

Economic losses often include hospital bills, property loss, and lost earnings from missing work due to injuries. Medical bills are notoriously expensive, even for those with health insurance. The more treatment you need, the greater your damages. If your injuries are permanent or require long-term care, you can estimate and claim future medical expenses.

Property damage might include personal items you lost because of the defendant’s actions. For example, you might lose a vehicle in a car accident. You might also lose costly personal items like phones, computers, or jewelry.

If you take time away from your job to recover, or you must leave your job, you might claim lost income and wages. Like medical expenses, if you cannot work indefinitely because of the injuries, you can claim future lost income.

Non-economic injuries often include various forms of pain and suffering. Physical pain might be excruciating, and the emotional stress and turmoil of the accident and your injuries might be too much to bear. In wrongful death cases, you can claim things like the loss of consortium or companionship after losing a loved one.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are not designed to make up for a specific loss or injury but to punish defendants and hopefully deter future wrongdoing. Under N.J.S.A. § 2A:15-5.12(a), punitive damages may be awarded if the plaintiff shows that the defendant acted with malice or a wanton and willful disregard for Others. This is a very high bar to meet, and punitive damages are rare but not impossible.

Punitive damages can be significant in some cases, but they are not without limits. Under N.J.S.A. § 2A:15-5.14(b), a defendant cannot be ordered to pay more than five times the value of compensatory damages or $350,000, whichever amount is more.

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