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Elizabeth, NJ Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents often cause more severe injuries than typical traffic incidents. Riders lack the same protections provided to operators of standard cars. Many of them are struck because careless motorists fail to check for their surroundings before changing lanes, merging onto highways, and making turns at intersections.

If you were hurt because of a motorcycle crash in Elizabeth, you should consider bringing a case against the at-fault driver. You can obtain financial compensation for the harm you experienced. However, dealing with the defendant and their insurance company can be a frustrating task. There are many strategies that they may employ to avoid paying what you are owed.

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Evidence Used in an Elizabeth, NJ Motorcycle Accident Case

For your motorcycle accident lawsuit to succeed, you must gather evidence that shows the defendant is to blame for your crash and establishes the damages you suffered. Important evidence can become difficult to gather as time goes by. The sooner you get in touch with our motorcycle accident lawyers, the more effectively we can collect the proof we need to win your case.

There are several forms of evidence that can be used to prove that the defendant caused your motorcycle accident. For instance, witnesses can offer written and oral statements that describe how your collision happened. Furthermore, an accident reconstruction expert may be summoned to explain why another driver is at fault for your intersection crash.

Additionally, there is a multitude of evidence that may be used to establish damages caused by your motorcycle accident injuries. As an example, an economist may be called on to demonstrate the value of your lost future earning capacity. Also, a statement from your mechanic may establish the cost of repair or replacement of your damaged bike.

Finally, evidence from the scene of your accident may be valuable when proving fault or establishing damages caused by your crash. Immediately after suffering a collision, you should take photos at the scene if possible. Afterwards, our team can also help retrieve and review any pertinent physical evidence that was collected.

Dangerous Roads and Intersections for Motorcycle Riders in Elizabeth, NJ

Motorcycle accidents are usually unavoidable and shocking for victims. They can happen anywhere, but there are locations where they happen more frequently than others. The following are examples of dangerous roads and intersections in Elizabeth:

Intersection of East Jersey Street and U.S. Routes 1 & 9

According to data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the intersection of East Jersey Street and U.S. Routes 1 and 9 is tied with an intersection in Trenton as the most dangerous intersection in the country. A relatively high number of fatal collisions happen each year at this intersection.

Intersection of U.S. Routes 1 & 9 and East Grand Street

Furthermore, the data provided by the NHTSA suggests that the intersection of U.S. Routes 1 and 9 and East Grand Street is also among the most dangerous intersections in the country. It is the 9th deadliest intersection in the nation.

Intersection of U.S. Routes 1 & 9 at North Avenue

Finally, the intersection of U.S. Routes 1& 9 at North Avenue in Elizabeth is also extraordinarily dangerous. This is another intersection where fatal accidents often happen.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes in Elizabeth

A high number of motorcycle accidents are related to drivers’ negligence. The following are common causes of motorcycle crashes in Elizabeth:

Driving Distracted

Motorists can become distracted by any activity that takes their hands away from the wheel, eyes off the road, or attention off the task of driving. For example, a driver may be distracted because they were texting or talking with a passenger in the back seat. When distracted, drivers are prone to making careless mistakes that lead to motorcycle accidents.

Running Red Lights

Motorcycle accidents also happen because drivers fail to obey red lights. When motorists run through red lights, they can cause catastrophic collisions with riders travelling through intersections.

Improper Lane Changes

Improper lane changes refer to situations where drivers attempt to change lanes in illegal areas or without using their turn signals. A high number of motorcycle accidents that occur on highways happen because of improper lane changes.


Drivers who travel at excessive speeds are prone to weaving outside of their lanes and may have trouble braking on time when vehicles in front of them slow down. A high number of motorcycle crashes happen because of speeding drivers. Unfortunately, these accidents are also likely to lead to serious injuries.

Illegal Left Turns

When drivers fail to yield the right-of-way before attempting a left turn, serious motorcycle accidents can happen. These accidents frequently happen at busy intersections during periods of high traffic congestion. Impatient motorists regularly become frustrated by traffic and attempt illegal left turns that cause devastating collisions.

What if You Share Fault for Your Motorcycle Crash in Elizabeth?

If you share some of the blame for your motorcycle accident, you may still be able to recover monetary damages for your injuries. However, the amount of payment you are awarded can be limited.

New Jersey courts abide by the rules of “modified comparative fault.” This means that damages in motorcycle accident cases will be apportioned based on parties’ percentages of fault. For example, if you are 10% liable for your crash while the defendant is 90% to blame, then they will pay for 90% of the harm caused by your collision while you are left to pay for the remaining 10% of damages you incurred.

If you are found to be over 50% responsible for your motorcycle accident, then you may recover nothing at all. Defendants and their insurance companies often try to shift blame onto plaintiffs in order to minimize the value of their claims.

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