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Thousands of Union City residents rely on bus transportation to get to where they need to be. This could mean getting to or from work or just into town to get errands done. Unfortunately, buses do get into motor vehicle accidents from time to time. Worse still, there is a good chance that lots of people will get injured in bus accidents because they have lots of passengers inside. Injuries from a bus accident can be severe and require expensive medical care, which can leave victims frustrated, upset, and not sure how to proceed.

That is where we come in. Our lawyers know how to represent bus accident victims in legal proceedings both in and out of the courtroom. We can collect evidence, talk to adverse parties on your behalf, and make sure you sue the right people for the right reasons so that you can be successful in your bus accident lawsuit.

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What Should I Do After a Bus Accident in Union City, NJ

Bus accidents happen suddenly and violently. A lot of people will not know what they should do in those circumstances. Below, our bus accident lawyers have given a basic guide on what you should do following a bus crash. Not only will doing some of these things help keep you and other people safe, but it can be beneficial in preparing any bus accident lawsuits you may want to file down the line.

Contact Emergency Services

When a bus accident happens, emergency services need to know where to go so they can respond promptly. In some instances, the bus driver is responsible for reporting accidents to emergency first responders. However, they may not be able to do so, depending on the circumstances of the bus accident. Accordingly, if possible, either you or another passenger should dial 9-1-1 so that first responders can show up promptly.

Get Medical Attention

After first responders arrive, the most important thing for you is to get medical attention. If you are critically injured and need emergency medical care, you are going to be transported to appropriate medical facilities, and that will be the end of it. However, if your injuries are less serious, medical professionals may clear you to stick around near where the accident took place. It is in those instances that you proceed to the next steps.

Even if you are cleared to stick around, or if you feel you are fine, you may also want to see a medical professional soon after your bus accident. This is because many injuries may take some time to reveal themselves due to the nature of the injury or because of an adrenaline spike brought on by the bus crash. For example, you may start to experience symptoms of something like whiplash or otherwise be in pain days after the accident when your body finally “catches up” to what happened.

Document the Accident

Assuming you are cleared to stay near the accident, you should get as much information as you possibly can about it. Interview other passengers and eyewitnesses, and even the bus driver. Take as many photos and videos of the accident and the surrounding area as you can. Any recordings in any form of media you make at this time can be very useful to our lawyers.

Also, be sure to get the license plate, insurance information, and name of your bus driver, as well as any other drivers involved in the accident. You may not be suing all of them, but these parties may be witnesses or sources of information in your case.

Talk to Our Lawyers

Finally, speak to our bus accident lawyers as soon as you can following a bus accident. This is not just for our convenience but to get us working on your case faster. There are actually laws in place that make it so you cannot sue after a certain amount of time has passed. Per New Jersey’s personal injury statute of limitations, N.J.S.A. § 2A:14-2, personal injury claims can only be brought within two years of when the injury happens. This may seem like a long time. However, in light of how long recovering from injuries can take, this is no time at all. You need to file your claim promptly, or you will be out of luck in terms of legal actions you can take.

Damages in Union City, NJ Bus Accident Lawsuits

The purpose of personal injury lawsuits is to get damages for the plaintiff as compensation for their injuries. The idea is to put the plaintiff in a similar position to where they were before they got injured. However, due to the nature of the plaintiff’s injuries, this may not be literally possible, so financial compensation is used as a proxy. In a personal injury lawsuit, you can get economic and non-economic damages as well as punitive damages.

Economic damages are based on things that can have their value more easily proved in court. This category includes things like medical bills, lost wages and future income from your job, and, if applicable, property damage.

By contrast, non-economic damages are less immediately tangible. This category includes things like pain and suffering and mental distress. Since there is no price tag on physical pain or the lasting mental effects of an accident, our lawyers will have to convince the court of their worth.

Finally, there are punitive damages. These damages are not based on your condition but on the actions of the defendant. Courts do not always award these damages. Thus, you should speak with our lawyers if you want to ask for them in your case.

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