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Collisions and accidents on the road are regular occurrences and often leave a wake of injuries and devastation. An attorney can assist you in evaluating your injuries and fighting for full compensation from those responsible.

Car accident victims might have a wide variety of legal claims to consider. Medical costs, damaged property, lost wages, and emotional damages might amount to a large damages award. To get fair compensation, we need to understand how your accident happened. Many crashes and collisions stem from factors like traffic violations, distractions, or alcohol use. Filing a lawsuit for your car accident claims might be a lengthy process that requires a lot of in-depth legal knowledge and skills. As such, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.

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Legal Claim for Damages After a Clifton, NJ Car Accident

The nature of your claims depends on the losses or injuries you sustained in the car accident. For many, physical injuries are a big concern when evaluating damages. You should also be mindful of injuries that are not so physical. Emotional and psychological anguish may play a significant role in your damages calculations.

Medical Expenses

It is pretty typical for car accident victims to go to the hospital for various injuries. In some cases, the injuries are very serious, maybe even life-threatening. You can bet that serious injuries will lead to seriously high medical bills. Even if your injuries are manageable and medical treatment less extensive, you might still be left with big medical bills.

Many people are not fully aware of their medical costs right away, as they might need to work with their insurance before anything is set in stone. In addition, medical bills might not come all at once, and additional bills could be on the horizon. A lawyer can help you review your medical records and even talk to your doctor with you to determine the extent of your medical costs for our damages calculations.

Property Costs

Totaled vehicles are fairly common in car accident cases. While auto insurance can help cover the costs of repairs or replacing vehicles, your policy might be limited. Many injured drivers get some coverage but are still left with certain costs and expenses. Your vehicle is important to your life. You need it to go to work or school or live your everyday life. The person who hit you should have to foot the bills for repairing or replacing your vehicle.

Income and Wages

It is normal for injured accident victims to call out for work while they recover. For some, this might be only a few days, and they might be covered by sick days or other paid time off. For others, the time away from work might be more significant or not covered by any paid time off. Injured victims lose income and wages because they are too hurt to return to work. The income you lose might vary based on how much you earn on average and how you are paid, but our car accident lawyers can help you evaluate the value of your lost income.

Emotional Damages

Do not discount the value of emotional damages. People, particularly defendants, sometimes scoff at emotional or psychological damages because they technically do not cost money. The reality is that psychological or emotional trauma and anguish can have lasting effects on a person’s mental health.

If you experienced any emotional turmoil after the accident, you should seek out a mental health professional right away. It is possible that you have a diagnosable psychological condition, like PTSD.

How Your Car Accident Might Have Happened in Clifton, NJ

Car accidents can happen in too many ways to count. The factors surrounding each accident are unique, and you need a lawyer to comb through all the details to help you piece the accident together. Below are some common reasons behind car accidents, although your specific accident might differ.

Traffic violations are so common that they are almost ubiquitous. Often, traffic violations, especially minor ones, go unnoticed. However, a traffic violation might instead lead to utter disaster. Speeding, failing to signal, or general reckless driving could cause a serious collision.

Distractions are becoming increasingly common on the road, especially since many drivers fight the urge to take a phone call, send a text, or check their email. Distractions are serious factors in many accidents because they cause drivers to lose focus on the road. It only takes a few seconds of looking down at your phone to cause a crash.

While it is not a crime to consume alcohol, it is illegal to drink and then drive. Many accidents are alcohol-related, and defendants might not only be civilly liable but also criminally charged. We can obtain information about the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) from the police to help us prove your claims in court.

How to File a Car Accident Lawsuit in Clifton, NJ

First, we need to evaluate your damages. The damages listed above are common but not all-encompassing, and you might have other damages to consider. Your lawyer should be able to help you get a good idea of the extent of your damages. We must assess damages early, as this information is required for your initial complaint. Damages that are left unaccounted for in the complaint might not be compensated.

Our next step is to find evidence. Evidence takes center stage in the courtroom, but we must have our evidence ready long before that. We need at least some evidence in your complaint that shows the court your claims are valid and that a trial is warranted. We do not need all possible evidence or enough evidence to prove your case. That may come later.

Once we have the information we need, we can draft a complaint. The complaint is a formal legal document that explains your claims to the court. If accepted, your lawsuit will begin.

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