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Some jobs come with inherent risks, and maintaining a safe work environment is tricky. Despite your best efforts, you might have experienced a workplace injury, and a lawyer can help you get compensation.

How you were injured at work depends on the nature of your job and work environment. Common causes of workplace injuries across multiple vocations include dangerous tools or equipment, insufficient safety gear, poor training, or unsafe work conditions. You might be able to sue your employer for your injuries in addition to other third parties who might bear responsibility. Generally, personal injury cases must be filed no later than 2 years from the date of the accident, barring special circumstances. Your damages should account for economic losses and non-economic injuries.

An accident on the job can be physically debilitating and cost you precious income. Our workplace injury lawyers can help you hold accountable those responsible for the accident. Call Legal Care New Jersey at (732) 838-9769 to speak to our team about a free case review.

Common Kinds of Workplace Injuries and Accidents in Hoboken

Certain workplaces might be more dangerous than others, but all workplaces should be safe for employees to do their jobs. One common cause of workplace injuries throughout many fields of employment is dangerous tools or equipment. If these devices fail or malfunction, the employee using them might be badly injured. For example, if a welder’s torch malfunctions on the job, the welder might be badly burned.

In some instances, the accident is not the result of faulty equipment but improper training. Employers are responsible for making sure employees are competent and trained well enough to do their jobs safely. Accidents are more likely to occur if untrained or poorly trained employees are put to work. Our workplace injury attorneys can help you determine what training was necessary for your job and whether you received proper training.

In jobs where risks are naturally high, safety gear is a must. A lack of safety gear might cause an accident because employees are not adequately protected. For example, if a construction worker is walking around without a hard hat because their employer did not provide enough for their workers, a blow to the head from falling debris might be far more serious than if the worker had proper safety gear.

Across nearly all places of work, there is a risk of generally unsafe working conditions. For example, exposed wiring, leaky plumbing, rickety stairs, and unsanitary conditions could cause accidents and injuries.

Who to Name in a Lawsuit for Workplace Injuries in Hoboken

After an accident on the job, our workplace injury attorneys can assist you in determining who should be held accountable. It can be difficult to make this determination, and injured employees sometimes blame themselves when in reality their employer was negligent.

Your employer bears a big responsibility to make sure the workplace is safe. Failure to train employees, provide safe equipment, or repair unsafe conditions or hazards is typically the result of employer negligence.

Third parties sometimes bear some or all the blame for workplace accidents. Suppose your employer provided you with tools they believed were in safe, working order. However, the tools were defective because they arrived from the manufacturer damaged. In that case, you can sue the manufacturer for providing faulty tools that caused your injuries.

When to File a Lawsuit for Workplace Injuries in Hoboken

You have a limited time to file a lawsuit after being injured at work. Generally, plaintiffs have 2 years from the date their injuries occurred to file a personal injury lawsuit, according to N.J.S.A. § 2A:14-2(a). Although 2 years sounds like a long time to get your case ready, it is actually a rather tight deadline.

People are often hesitant to file lawsuits for workplace injuries because they fear retaliation from their employers. They are worried they will be fired or even blacklisted from other jobs in their field of work. They must also spend time recovering from injuries before initiating legal action. As a result, many plaintiffs lose valuable time. You should call our workplace injury attorneys for help as soon as you are injured, and we can help prepare your case while you focus on recovering.

If the deadline to file your case is close or has passed, you might be able to buy extra time by having the statute of limitations tolled. Tolling the statute of limitations occurs when plaintiffs cannot file a case due to circumstances beyond their control. Under N.J.S.A. § 2A:14-22(a), the statute might be tolled if the defendant is not within the state and cannot be reached. You might also have the statute tolled if you were a minor when the accident occurred or under a mental or physical disability that hindered you.

Available Damages in Hoboken Workplace Injury Lawsuits

You cannot file a lawsuit without damages. In a workplace injury case, you can claim damages for your economic losses and your non-economic injuries. Evaluating these damages can be difficult, especially while recovering from painful injuries. Our workplace injury attorneys can assist you in calculating damages so you get the most compensation possible.

Economic damages related to workplace injuries often include medical bills and lost income. Not only are you probably paying for expensive medical treatment for your injuries, but you might also be unable to return to work. We can assess reasonable future losses if you need long-term medical care or cannot return to work for a long period.

Non-economic damages are based on your experiences during and after the accident. You have likely heard of “pain and suffering,” a broad term that applies to physical pain from your injuries and emotional anguish. People injured at work are often humiliated in front of coworkers and suffer damage to their professional reputations. These painful experiences deserve financial compensation, and our workplace injury lawyers can help you.

Call Our Hoboken Workplace Injury Lawyers for Help

Being injured on the job might leave you with excruciating injuries, high bills, and no income to pay for everything. Your employer and other responsible parties should be held accountable for their negligence. Call Legal Care New Jersey at (732) 838-9769 to speak to our team about a free case review.

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