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Clifton, NJ Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

Amazon is one of the nation’s largest online retailers and delivery services. They are so large that they have their own delivery trucks. Unfortunately, accidents with Amazon trucks are not uncommon.

After a collision with an Amazon vehicle, you should call 911 and get the police and an ambulance sent to the scene. If possible, exchange information with the other drivers at the scene and gather as many details as possible. When ready, call a lawyer. Various parties might be liable for the accident, including the driver and the delivery service partner they work for. Generally, Amazon is not liable because drivers are rarely Amazon employees. To claim damages, we need to assess the financial and emotional toll your injuries, costs, and overall experience took on your life.

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What You Should Do After a Clifton, NJ Amazon Delivery Truck Accident

After a collision involving an Amazon delivery vehicle or truck, your first step should be to call for help. Even if you do not believe you are badly hurt, or other drivers at the scene do not want to get the police involved, you should call 911. Make sure an ambulance and the police are dispatched to the scene.

While waiting for help to arrive, you should exchange information with the other drivers involved in the accident. You need their information for insurance purposes and to sue for damages. If anyone is uncooperative and refuses to tell you anything, just wait for the police to arrive. Law enforcement officials should be able to get all the information we need.

If you can, you should try to gather as many details as possible. Photographing the scene is a great way to preserve the accident scene. In many cases, accidents are cleared away by law enforcement quickly, often in as little as a few hours. Your photos might contain important details that would otherwise be lost. Even if you cannot take pictures, try to write down or make a mental note of anything you think is important.

When you are ready, call a lawyer for help. People sometimes say they do not want to complicate the matter by getting lawyers involved, but a lawyer can actually help you make the matter simpler. An experienced attorney can help you figure out what your damages are worth and the best way to get fair compensation.

Liability in Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawsuits in Clifton, NJ

Even a typical car accident can be a complicated affair. When Amazon delivery trucks are involved, liability issues can become even more muddled. One or more parties might be liable for the accident, and you should speak with an attorney to determine who is responsible in your case.


It is often the case that delivery drivers are liable for accidents. While it would be unfair to say that all delivery drivers are inherently bad drivers, they tend to be more prone to risky behavior on the road. Amazon is infamous for how fast workers have to move. Delivery drivers often must hurry through delivery routes to stay on time. They are more likely to speed or drive dangerously to do the job.

In addition, drivers might rely on GPS to stay on their delivery routes. They also need their phones to stay in touch with supervisors. As such, they face more distractions on the road. All in all, Amazon delivery drivers might be more likely than the average driver to cause an accident. As such, we should not discount them when determining who should be held responsible.

Delivery Service Partners

Amazon has created a large delivery network partly because of delivery service partners. Many Amazon drivers are technically not Amazon employees. Instead, they work for local delivery service partners (DSP). These DSPs are local companies with contracts to work with Amazon and deliver parcels. If the driver who hit you worked for a DSP, they might also be liable for the crash.

Employers can be vicariously liable under the legal theory of respondeat superior. This theory holds that if an employee is negligent during their normal job functions and they cause injury, their employer might be liable for the injuries in addition to the employee.


Since many Amazon drivers are not considered Amazon employees, the company Amazon is often beyond our reach in a lawsuit. In short, it is unlikely that you will be able to sue Amazon for a crash involving an Amazon delivery truck. While this is frustrating, you are not alone in your frustration.

Many people, including some in the legal profession, believe Amazon should be held accountable for its shady business practices. By classifying many employees as independent contractors or using delivery service partners, Amazon benefits from the labor or workers without exposing itself to liability. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about it now, but the laws around the issue might change in time.

How to Claim Damages in a Clifton, NJ Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawsuit

Damages are broadly categorized as economic or non-economic. Economic damages are based on monetary losses, while non-economic damages are more about personal experiences.

While you might have numerous monetary expenses, many accident victims encounter medical bills, property damage costs, and the loss of valuable income. Medical costs can be huge, and you might have recurring costs over time if your care is ongoing and expected to last for a while. At the same time, you must contend with repairing or replacing your vehicle and any personal belongings you lost in the crash. Finally, your injuries might prevent you from returning to work, and you might lose income.

Non-economic damages are often summed up as pain and suffering, although your claims might be more specific. For example, you might experience severe depression and anxiety after a crash. In some cases, people are diagnosed with psychological conditions like PTSD. Even though psychological or emotional distress is not a monetary expense, they still deserve fair compensation.

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