When you get in a car accident, there is probably a lot on your mind. Are you hurt? If so, how serious are your injuries? What is this going to cost me? Do I need to sue? With all these questions and worries, the last thing victims of car accidents need is to figure out how this traumatic event will affect their insurance claims and rates.

It is very important to handle interactions with insurance adjusters after a car accident very carefully. Insurance companies are not in the business of handing out money; they are in the business of turning a profit for a service. Accordingly, you need to be very precise when dealing with insurance companies after a car accident since they will be trying to maximize a good outcome for them. The best way to handle insurance adjusters is to hire legal counsel and have them deal with insurance for you.

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How is Insurance Handled in New Jersey after a Car Accident?

New Jersey is a state that uses “no-fault” insurance. This means that car insurance companies cannot take into account whose fault a car accident was when considering whether they are going to cover an insured person’s injuries or not.

The good thing about no-fault insurance is that you are always guaranteed to get at least some coverage from your insurance company. You will always have some help from insurance after a car accident. However, one of the downsides of no-fault insurance is that it does not cover all of your expenses. No-fault insurance will cover up to a certain amount of money or a certain percentage of your medical expenses, so you will always be left dealing with some of the cost of your injuries, especially if a good portion of that cost is not medical bills or something similar.

Things to Know about Insurance Adjusters in New Jersey

There are some important things to know when dealing with New Jersey insurance adjusters. Our Jersey City car accident lawyers have compiled some important reminders and tips for dealing with insurance adjusters after a car accident.

They Work for the Insurance Company

This may sound obvious, but insurance adjusters are not on your side. They are on the insurance company’s side. It is important to remember this fact because many people may think that because they are covered by an insurance policy, the insurance company “works for them” in a sense. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of an insurance adjuster is to pay as little as possible and keep profits up for their employer.

They Want to Settle Claims

It is in the best interest of the insurance company, and therefore the insurance adjuster, to settle claims as quickly as possible. The goal of settling quickly is to reduce how much they have to pay you, since settling faster gives you less time to become aware of the full extent of your injuries and damages. Insurance adjusters will leverage the fact that you may need medical bills paid quickly to give you a low offer in order to placate you and save money for the insurance company.

Dealing with Your Own Insurance Company in New Jersey

Even when dealing with your own insurance company, it is important to consider what you are doing when you interact with them. Although part of their job is to assist you after an accident, they are ultimately trying to save money for their employer. For this reason, they will likely lead with a low amount to provide coverage for your injuries. Additionally, they will try to downplay your damages and injuries. Do not give them anything to work with to help them accomplish that goal. Trust that you know how serious your injuries are, and do not let them sway you otherwise.

In cases where your car has been damaged, insurance adjusters may try and suggest a specific mechanic or auto body shop to use for repairs. Remember that you do not need to use the one they suggest; and instead, you can select whichever repair shop you prefer.

Ultimately, the best course of action for dealing with your insurance adjusters is to let our lawyers interact with them on your behalf or at least be present when you do interact with your insurance adjuster.

Dealing with an Adverse Insurance Company in New Jersey

If you are interacting with an insurance provider for someone you think is liable for your injuries, then you need to be extremely careful with what you say and do. Unlike your own insurance company, an adverse insurance adjuster is not trying to help you at all. They are trying to avoid having their client pay anything in addition to all of the considerations your own insurance adjuster has. Accordingly, adverse insurance adjusters will use anything you say to try and exculpate themselves from any requirement to cover your damages. Even something as innocent sounding as “I hit him,” “I could have been more careful,” or It was a mistake” will be used to try and hurt your case in various ways. They will ask loaded questions and try to spin what you say in a way that puts them in the best possible light.

The best way to deal with adverse insurance companies, again, is to have a lawyer deal with them for you.

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