If you were involved in a car crash in Bayonne, you might need a copy of the crash report from the police for legal purposes. Whether filing an insurance claim or a court claim, the report might contain important details you need.

You might need copies of the crash report from your car accident for numerous reasons. Insurance companies often require copies of these reports before they agree to pay for anything. Also, the report might have valuable information you and your lawyer need for a lawsuit against the negligent driver. Information might include details about other drivers, who owned the vehicles, and officers’ notes about how the crash occurred. The police report is usually inadmissible as evidence because it is considered hearsay. However, there are exceptions to the rule against hearsay, and it might be possible to admit the report as evidence. Copies of the report will likely come from the police, but there might be different ways in which you can request those copies.

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Why You Might Need a Copy of Your Bayonne, NJ Police Report After a Car Accident

There are several good reasons why someone would need a copy of the crash report after a car accident. The first is likely insurance. The second may be a lawsuit. The accident report for your case might be a necessary stepping-stone we must cross to get fair compensation. If you are unsure how to get a copy of the report or whether a report even exists, talk to our team for help.

Insurance claims very often follow car accidents. There is a reason that drivers are required to carry auto insurance. Car accidents tend to be very expensive, and insurance helps people pay for these costs more easily. New Jersey is a no-fault insurance state, meaning drivers file claims with their own personal injury protection policies rather than third-party claims with other drivers’ insurance. Even so, the insurance company will want to see a police report.

It is common for insurance companies to demand copies of police reports before they pay for anything. Many insurance companies make the report a requirement and will not pay anything if there is no report.

A part of New Jersey’s no-fault insurance laws is that drivers face restrictions when filing injury lawsuits. If you elected a limited right to sue when you purchased your auto insurance policy, you may only sue if you experienced a serious injury as described by law. Our Bayonne, NJ personal injury lawyers can use the report to help you establish that you have a serious injury.

What Information is Usually in a Police Report After a Bayonne, NJ Car Accident?

The details in a crash report will vary based on the nature of the accident and whether the officers needed to conduct a fuller investigation. Some accidents are open-and-shut, while others require the police to do a deep dive into the investigation.

Details in the report often revolve around the parties involved and the nature of the crash. For example, the police will note the other drivers’ names and contact information. They might even include a diagram of the accident scene with a description of what happened. If the police spoke with the drivers, the report might also include their statements.

If your accident was more complicated or injuries were more severe, the police might investigate more thoroughly. Not only will they speak to the drivers, but they might interview witnesses and review security camera footage if available. Such reports tend to take longer to compile, but they might contain enlightening information we can use in your case.

Can I Use the Police Report From My Bayonne, NJ Car Accident as Evidence?

While the report might be full of useful details and information, it is likely inadmissible as evidence in a lawsuit. This might seem contradictory, as the report might be the most fruitful bit of evidence available. However, it violates the rule against hearsay.

Hearsay evidence is often something that cannot be sufficiently substantiated in court. For example, if someone testifies that they know the other driver caused the accident because they heard so from a friend, their testimony would be considered hearsay and could not be considered by the jury. If the friend who supposedly knows how the other driver is responsible testified, it might be a different story.

Police reports are considered hearsay because they are compiled based on second-hand information. The police officers who write these reports usually do not actually see the accident. They gather information from other sources to write the report, making it hearsay.

Even so, we might use the police report as a guide to find evidence. If the police talked to witnesses, we cannot use their statements from the report as evidence. However, we can use the report to track them down and get them to testify in court.

Where Do I Get Copies of the Police Reports After a Car Accident in Bayonne, NJ?

Copies of police reports will likely come directly from the police department that handled your accident. There might be multiple precincts and officers, and it is important to make a note of which one handled your accident. It is a good idea to ask for the name and badge number of the officers responding to your accident. This will make it easier to obtain a copy of the report later.

As law enforcement has caught up with the 21st century, many police reports for car accidents are available online. Our team can help you find the right digital portal where you can download a copy of your report.

If you would rather obtain the report differently, you might be able to make a request in person at the police station or through the mail. We can contact the officers in charge of your case and inquire how to get a copy. Remember, these reports might not be lying around waiting for you to come get them. They might need to be assembled first, which could take some time. The sooner we submit a request, the better.

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