After an auto collision, the police may investigate the accident and write a formal report. This report might be important or required for a lawsuit or insurance claim. An attorney can help you figure out how to get a copy of the police report from your accident.

Depending on where your accident occurred, your police report might be with local authorities or the New Jersey State Police. Once you know which police department or station has your report, the next step is figuring out how to get it. You can go online and request a copy. You might instead go to the police station in person and ask for an official copy. Talk to an attorney about how long it might take to get your report. Depending on how extensive the investigation is, the police report might not be ready for at least a few weeks. The report is not normally admissible evidence, but it might be used as a guide to other admissible evidence.

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Where Do I Find Copies of Police Reports for Car Accidents in Marlboro, NJ?

We often think of law enforcement as a singular group or organization. In reality, the police are comprised of numerous departments with different jurisdictions. The location of your accident might determine which police department investigates and writes a report.

If your accident happened within the city limits of Marlboro, the local police likely took charge of the accident. Your accident report may be found with the Marlboro Township police. The Marlboro Township Police Records Unit maintains various documents and reports from the local authorities. You may contact the Records Unit for a copy of your accident report.

If your accident occurred in or around Marlboro but on a state or interstate highway, your accident might fall under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey State Police. For example, accidents on Route 18 or U.S. Route 9 may be investigated by state authorities rather than the local police.

Getting a copy of a crash report from the State Police is a little trickier. The State Police handle accident reports from all over New Jersey, and it might take them longer to prepare your report.

How to Obtain Police Reports for Car Accidents in Marlboro

Once our Marlboro, NJ car accident attorneys know where to get your accident report, our next step is figuring out how to do it. The Marlboro Township Police Department and the New Jersey State Police allow drivers to request copies of accident reports online. In fact, both agencies tend to prefer that drivers request copies of reports this way.

The local police department in Marlboro allows drivers to pick up copies in person for a small fee of $0.05 per page. They also offer reports online. Drivers involved in the accident must pay a fee of $10.00, while non-involved parties must pay a fee of $12.00. You can also request your copy through the mail after paying a $5.00 processing fee.

The state authorities are a much larger agency than the local police. As such, various departments handle different types of records and record-keeping. Where we send our request for your accident report depends on what type of road the accident happened on and whether there were any serious injuries or fatalities. Requests may be submitted online, or we can print out and mail in the proper forms.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Car Accident Police Report in Marlboro, NJ?

The time it takes to get a copy of an accident report from the police may vary from case to case. The severity of the accident, the presence of injuries or death, and the number of drivers involved might affect how long it takes the police to prepare the report.

Generally, more serious accidents are more thoroughly investigated, and the police may take longer to complete an accident report. This is especially so in car accident cases involving death. If someone passes away in the accident, the police will investigate to determine who is responsible and whether criminal charges are warranted.

Accidents might take less time when they are smaller, less severe, and involve fewer drivers. For example, in a minor fender-bender accident, the police might finish their investigation and write their report relatively quickly. When there are fewer questions to answer or facts to dispute, you can probably get an accident report a bit faster.

If you have checked with the police and have been waiting to obtain a copy of your report for a long time, speak to a lawyer. Your attorney can help you figure out what is taking so long and what you can do to build your case while waiting for the report.

Why You Need a Copy of the Police Report For Your Marlboro, NJ Car Accident

The police report is typically not admissible in court as evidence. It is technically hearsay evidence and not allowed in court, barring special circumstances. However, if we cannot use it as evidence, we might have a number of other uses for it.

Many insurance companies want to see a copy of the police report from a car accident before processing the claim. The report helps the insurance company verify that the accident is real and that the claimant is not being fraudulent.

If your case ends up in a courtroom, the accident report might contain details about evidence we can use. Again, the report itself is often not considered admissible evidence. However, it might contain the names and contact information of witnesses the police interviewed. We can use this information to find those witnesses and have them testify in court.

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