When car accident injuries happen in Plainfield, victims often require compensation. To recover damages against a negligent driver, you may need any information you can get regarding the accident, including the police report.

You can get the report for a recent crash in Plainfield by contacting the staff of the Plainfield Police Department Records Unit. After you provide the necessary information about the accident, you will be able to access the report. You can report your accident to the police by calling 911 immediately after the crash takes place. When officers arrive, explain what happened so that the resulting police report will be accurate. If, after getting the report, you notice inaccuracies, tell our lawyers. Regardless of whether or not the police report is admissible as evidence in your case, it can lead our attorneys to evidence and provide contextual information we may need when building your compensation claim against a negligent driver.

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How Can I Get My Car Accident Report from the Plainfield, NJ Police Department?

In the days following your auto accident in Plainfield, prioritize getting the corresponding incident report. Victims can accomplish this by contacting the Records Unit within the Plainfield Police Department.

Once completed, police reports for motor vehicle accidents are available through the Plainfield Police Department Records Unit. This office is open to the public Monday through Friday between the hours of eight in the morning and four in the evening. Listed on the website for the Records Unit are records clerks to contact by phone or email to obtain accident reports.

If you are having any difficulty doing this following a crash, ask our car accident attorneys for assistance. We can provide the Plainfield Police Department with the necessary information about your accident to locate the report.

Because police reports are detailed documents used by victims during the recovery process, their accuracy is of the utmost importance. So, it might be several days before your report is completed and officially filed by the police. You can periodically contact clerks of the Records Unit to see if your report is available for retrieval.

How Can I Report My Car Accident to the Police in Plainfield, NJ?

In order for accident reports to exist, victims have to report collisions to law enforcement in Plainfield. This is best done immediately after an accident takes place, though it can be done in the days that follow.

According to N.J.S.A. § 39:4-130, car accidents that cause injury, death, or more than $500 in property damage must be reported to the Plainfield Police Department. Victims can accomplish this by calling 911. When law enforcement arrives at the accident location, they will speak to you about the crash. They will ask you what happened and take down your personal and insurance information. They will also do this with the other parties involved in the accident. Officers may also collect evidence from the scene, take photographs, and interview eyewitnesses.

If you did not call the police after the accident because you thought you were uninjured, you can do so in the following days. Our lawyers can help you self-report the crash to the Plainfield Police Department so that there is documentation that it happened. That said, it is always best to involve law enforcement immediately after an accident, even if it appears minor.

How Can I Get an Accurate Car Accident Report from the Police in Plainfield, NJ?

Ensuring that police reports for auto accidents are accurate is of the utmost importance, especially since fault will be highly scrutinized in your case. By talking with the police right away when your memory is most fresh, you can give officers accurate information.

Car accidents are chaotic, and victims might have difficulty remembering their exact sequence of events hours or days afterward. Because of this, talking to the police immediately is important. You can tell them about any contributing causes to the crash, like poor road conditions or bad weather. You can tell the police if the other driver was speeding or driving recklessly at the time. Eyewitness statements can corroborate this, so ask those who witnessed your accident to stay at the scene until police officers arrive.

If, after getting the report for the incident, you realize that some of the information included by the police is inaccurate, we can alert law enforcement to the issue. Law enforcement might then amend the original report to reflect the true facts of your motor vehicle accident in Plainfield.

Can I Get Evidence from My Police Car Accident Report in Plainfield, NJ?

Regardless of the admissibility of police reports in civil claims in New Jersey, these documents can contain information that leads us to evidence, which is why getting accident reports is important for all victims in Plainfield.

Generally speaking, police reports often allow us to gain a deeper insight into accidents. Furthermore, the report might allow you to keep your memory fresh and serve as a reference source throughout your case. We can refer to the police report when investigating certain matters, like the identities of eyewitnesses and the initial presentation of your injuries.

Police reports might also point to the negligent act that caused your accident. For example, police officers might note that the at-fault driver admitted to using their cell phone during the accident. Suppose we can get admissible evidence proving that fact, such as eyewitness statements and surveillance camera footage. In that case, we can establish that you were hurt by the defendant’s negligence in using their phone while driving.

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