Claimants are not required to hire lawyers to help them with insurance claims. However, pursuing an insurance claim without legal assistance might be a recipe for disaster.

You are not required to have an attorney to file a personal injury insurance claim. However, navigating the insurance process is fraught with complex legal issues, and hiring an attorney is in your best interest. While the average person can choose to handle their insurance claim independently, they risk making mistakes that a lawyer could avoid. Simple mistakes made during the initial filing process might lead to a rejected claim, and the claimant might have to start over again. A lawyer can help you avoid mistakes and get your claim right the first time. An attorney can also help you hold the insurance company to their word and make them pay you the money you are entitled to under your policy.

After being injured, people often turn to insurance for help, but doing so alone might be a mistake. Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys can help you with your claim and hopefully get you the money you need. For a free case review, call Legal Care New Jersey at (732) 838-9769.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Settle My Personal Injury Insurance Claim in New Jersey?

You are not required by law or most insurance companies to have an attorney assist you with a personal injury claim. People are sometimes tempted to handle their insurance claims on their own to cut down on legal fees and the overall hassle of an insurance claim, but this might not be a good idea. Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers can help you file your claim and deal with uncooperative insurance companies.

It is likely in your best interest to hire a lawyer to help you with your personal injury insurance claim. Insurance claims are infamously complicated and full of legal and bureaucratic red tape. A lawyer should know how to cut through all the red tape and effectively advocate for the maximum payout possible. Handling your claim alone puts you at a greater risk of making mistakes and losing out on compensation.

Risks of Not Hiring a Lawyer to Help with Your Personal Injury Insurance Claim in New Jersey

Pursuing your personal injury insurance claim alone might set you up for mistakes and hurdles that prevent you from getting the full award amount you deserve. One possibility is that you make a mistake when filing your claim. The information and details needed to file your claim are important and specific. If details are missing or forms are filled out incorrectly, the insurance company might reject your claim.

Injured individuals often have difficulty collecting evidence to submit to their insurance companies. Not only is evidence often hard to track down, but an injured claimant might be physically incapable of collecting the necessary evidence. Your lawyer should have the skills and experience to find the evidence you need to prove your claims to an insurance company.

One of the most significant mistakes a person might make is overlooking damages and missing out on compensation. Injured claimants are sometimes laser-focused on select aspects of their case. For example, a person might be so concerned with getting money to cover their medical expenses that they forget to claim property damage. As a result, they might get less compensation than they truly need.

The bottom line is that without a lawyer, you risk making mistakes that could cost you compensation. Our Jersey City personal injury lawyers have the skills and experience to help you maximize your claims with an insurance company and get you the money you need.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me Settle My Personal Injury Insurance Claim in New Jersey

Now that you know the risks of pursuing a personal injury insurance claim yourself, you should also know how a lawyer can help you. Insurance claims are not easy to deal with, and you should not feel ashamed for needing help. In fact, reaching out to our New Jersey personal injury lawyers may help you get more compensation than if you handled your case alone.

Filing Your Claim

The first thing your attorney can assist you with is submitting your claim. Claims are rarely simple, and insurance companies rely on unassisted claimants making simple mistakes so the insurance company can pay them less or outright deny their claim. Your lawyer can walk you through the claim submissions process, whatever that might be, and help you avoid making any mistakes. This might include reviewing paperwork, gathering sensitive information like social security numbers or death certificates, and speaking to insurance adjusters on the phone.

Gathering Evidence

Before you submit your insurance claim, you must have evidence of your injuries. Insurance companies face fraudulent claims every day, and they heavily scrutinize all submissions to avoid paying for faked injuries. In personal injury cases, you will almost certainly need copies of medical records to establish that you were indeed injured.

You will also need evidence of how your injuries happened. If you were hurt in a car accident, you need some roof of the crash, such as a police report or photographs of the accident scene. If you were injured in an apartment fire, you might need something like a fire marshal’s report. Our Newark personal injury lawyers can help you gather the proof you need to send off your insurance claim.

Settlement Negotiations

After submitting your claims, the insurance company should get back to you with a settlement offer. In many cases, particularly those involving very expensive damages, insurance companies will come up with excuses as to why they should not have to pay you the full value of your damages. A lawyer can help you negotiate with the insurance company and get them to pay you all the money you are entitled to under your policy.


The insurance company will likely try to weasel out of paying one way or another. If the insurance company unjustly denies your claim or refuses to pay you the full amount you are entitled to, an attorney can hold them accountable and file a lawsuit. Not only can your lawyer help you sue, but they are now in an excellent position to represent you in court because they are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of your claim. Our Paterson personal injury lawyers can help you from the beginning of your claim to the final court hearing.

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