When bringing a car accident lawsuit against another driver, you have to prove that your crash was caused by their negligence. There are many different types of careless and reckless behavior that can lead to collisions. As an example, drivers regularly cause accidents by driving too fast or disobeying traffic laws.

Witness statements are a highly valuable form of evidence that can help win your car accident case in New Jersey. Eyewitnesses may provide written and oral testimony that explains why or how your motor vehicle collision occurred.

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How Witness Statements Help Prove Fault for Your Car Accident in New Jersey

When seeking monetary damages for your car accident injuries, you may have to file a lawsuit against the driver who caused your crash. In order for your case to prevail, you will have to present evidence that demonstrates the defendant is at fault. There are several forms of evidence that may be used to establish the defendant’s liability. One of the most valuable forms of such evidence are eyewitness statements.

Those who witnessed your crash may be able to offer written and spoken testimony that explains why the other driver is to blame. For example, a witness may state that another driver caused your collision by running a red light.

After some crashes, police officers who visit the scene collect witness statements and include them in their official reports. Additionally, information from police reports may point you towards other types of valuable evidence. Our Elizabeth car accident lawyers can help recover a copy of your official report and review its contents.

Despite the possibility of witness statements being included in your police report, you should attempt to exchange contact information with witnesses to your crash if you can. You may need to reach out to them for crucial cooperation while building your case.

Other Ways Witness Statements Can Help Win Your Car Accident Case in New Jersey

In addition to proving that the other driver is at fault, there are other ways that witness statements may be used to win your car accident lawsuit. First, witness statements may help preserve your innocence by disproving defendant’s arguments. For example, if the defendant states that your accident happened because of foggy weather conditions, a statement asserting there was clear weather at the time of your collision could discredit the defendant’s alternative theory of fault.

Furthermore, witness statements may be used to validate your injury. A witness can prove you were hurt by describing your demeanor in the aftermath of your accident. For instance, a witness may validate your injury by stating that you were painfully immobilized after getting out of your vehicle.

Finally, witness statements can also help establish that certain property damage is related to your collision. Unfortunately, defendants in car accident cases may try to avoid paying for damage they caused by arguing it stems from other incidents. Witnesses can help hold at-fault drivers responsible by describing the destruction their accidents caused.

What May Be Included in a Witness Statement for a Car Accident Case in New Jersey?

The aftermath of a car accident can be hectic. Still, it is vital for witnesses to remain on the scene and provide statements attesting to what they saw. Their testimony may be necessary for victims to receive the compensation they deserve.

After many accidents, witnesses are interviewed by police officers who arrive on scene. There are several pieces of information that may be included in a witness statement. First, witnesses should provide their contact information including their full names, phone numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses if they have them. This information is very important to plaintiffs as they often have to follow up with witnesses to obtain additional testimony.

Also, witness statements should provide a clear description of what they saw leading up to your accident. For example, what was the path was each vehicle travelling and how fast were they going? What were the weather conditions and visibility? The answers to these questions can be helpful to plaintiffs when establishing fault or discrediting defendants’ assertions.

Furthermore, if possible, witness statements should describe how collisions happened. For instance, after your accident, a witness may state that your collision occurred because the defendant swerved outside of their lane and struck you from the side.

Finally, witness statements should also include a description of the events that unfolded after your accident. Witnesses should describe where each vehicle ended up after your collision as well as the damage each vehicle sustained. Additionally, witnesses may discuss whether they saw anyone get out of their car and if those parties appeared hurt.

Still, there is a wide range of other information that may be included in a valuable witness statement. The type of information that helps win your case can vary depending on the circumstances surrounding your crash.

Gathering Witness Statements After a Car Accident in New Jersey

If you are physically capable, you should attempt to speak with eyewitnesses in the aftermath of your car accident. There are many types of individuals who may be valuable witnesses in car accident cases. For example, anyone who stopped by to help after your crash could be a valuable witness. Furthermore, there may be bicyclists and pedestrians nearby who saw your accident. Finally, drivers and passengers of other vehicles often prove to be valuable witnesses in car accident cases.

When approaching a potential witness, you should politely ask for their contact information. If they are willing, then you should also allow them to provide a statement. An audio or video recording would be an effective means of collecting a statement. Alternatively, you could write down their statement, then have them sign and date it.

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