People often associate taxis with the hustle and bustle of large cities, but taxis and rideshare are prevalent across the country, even in less urban areas. If you are involved in a taxi accident, an attorney can help you explore your legal options.

One option is to file a lawsuit after a taxi accident in New Jersey. Whom you sue and the damages available depend on how your accident occurred. You can often sue the taxi driver, but it might also be possible to sue other drivers or even the taxi driver’s employer. Your damages may include your medical bills, the value of any damaged property, lost income from missing work, and more. You will need strong evidence to support your claims in court, including photos or videos of the accident scene, testimony from witnesses, and other details about the accident and your injuries.

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Filing a Lawsuit After a New Jersey Taxi Accident

Our New Jersey taxi accident attorneys can help you begin your lawsuit by determining who should be held liable. It can be difficult to determine whom a plaintiff should sue in some cases because multiple drivers might be involved, and liability is often unclear.

Whom you should sue depends on who you believe was negligent. A negligent driver is one who had a duty of care toward the plaintiff, breached that duty, and was the direct cause of the accident. The plaintiff must also demonstrate that their damages are real and not hypothetical possibilities.

Your lawsuit will be aimed at recovering damages to cover your expenses and compensate your losses. It is important to discuss all your expenses and injuries related to the taxi accident with your attorney. Any overlooked damages left out of your initial complaint might be off-limits.

An attorney can help you begin your lawsuit by drafting and filing your initial complaint. They can also help you gather the evidence you need to support your claims and argue for damages in court.

Who Can I Sue After a Taxi Accident in New Jersey?

After a taxi accident, you may hold one or several people liable for your damages. In many cases, injured plaintiffs look to the taxi driver for liability. While suing the taxi driver is certainly possible, they might not be the only defendant in your case. Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers can help you identify all possible defendants in your case.

The taxi driver is often named as a defendant after an accident. You can sue a taxi driver if you were a passenger in the taxi when the accident occurred. You can also sue them if you were in another vehicle struck by the taxi.

In many accident cases, more than one other car is involved. For example, you might be injured in a taxi accident involving several other drivers. You might have been a passenger in a taxi when another driver hit the taxi. Both the taxi driver and the other driver can be held liable.

If you can sue the taxi driver, there is a chance that you can also sue their employer. A taxi company can be held vicariously liable for an employee’s negligence if that negligence occurred within the scope of the employee’s job. Generally, this means the taxi driver must be on duty and working in furtherance of their job for their employer to be held vicariously liable.

Damages Available in New Jersey Taxi Accident Lawsuits

Your damages are calculated by adding up the total value of your losses and injuries. While many losses are financial and come at a monetary cost, others are more subjective. Our Newark personal injury lawyers can help you tally up your damages to maximize your compensation.

Economic damages are connected to specific monetary values. Bills, invoices, and other expenses you incurred from your taxi accident may contribute to your economic damages calculations. Common economic damages include medical bills, lost income, and property damage. People often rack up expensive medical bills after an accident, and they have a hard time paying for them because they cannot return to work while they recover. The cost to repair or replace your vehicle should also be included.

Non-economic are the losses and injuries a person experiences that do not come at a specific cost. Your emotional and physical pain and suffering after a taxi accident do not necessarily cost you money, but they still deserve compensation. We can argue for these damages by establishing how they negatively impact your daily life.

Evidence Necessary in Lawsuits for Taxi Accidents in New Jersey

To prove your claims in court and get compensation for the accident, you need strong evidence. A lot of important evidence will come directly from the accident scene, while other evidence can be collected later as our New Jersey car accident attorneys investigate the taxi accident.

Immediately after your taxi crash, you can begin collecting evidence. If you are able, you should take photos and videos of the accident scene. Crash sites are cleared away quickly by law enforcement, and these photos and videos might be the only recordings of the accident scene.

Witnesses are also extremely important. You should speak to anybody who saw the accident and get their contact information so we can contact them later for a statement and testimony. Even in cases with scant evidence, if multiple witnesses can back up your claims, your odds of success are much better.

Physical evidence includes objects or items taken from the accident scene. For example, the taxi or your own vehicle may be used as physical evidence. The location and extent of damage to the vehicles can shed light on how the accident happened and who caused it. We can even have accident reconstruction experts evaluate the physical evidence and testify about how the accident occurred.

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