Lane change accidents can be extremely serious in New Jersey. Since these car accidents can be complex, it is important for New Jersey victims to learn who may be at fault and how to identify a negligent party.

New Jersey lane change accidents often occur when negligent drivers misjudge the speed of traffic or are operating their vehicle while driving under the influence or otherwise act negligently. Determining fault for such collisions can be complicated, as lane change accidents can involve multiple parties who may contribute to a collision. Depending on the circumstances of your crash, a negligent driver may argue that you share liability. Your experienced attorney can help you avoid New Jersey’s modified comparative fault laws, allowing you to recover the full amount in compensatory damages you deserve.

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How Do Negligent Drivers Cause Lane Change Accidents in New Jersey?

New Jersey accidents caused by drivers negligently changing lanes can be particularly damaging for victims. These collisions can happen for various reasons, including reckless or distracted driving. Depending on the circumstances of your collision, multiple parties may be involved in causing a lane change accident in New Jersey.

Generally, lane change accidents occur when negligent drivers fail to accurately estimate the time they have to change lanes or the space available to them. Drivers may attempt to squeeze in a small space, hitting the back of your car and pushing your vehicle into traffic. These devastating accidents commonly involve semi trucks and other large vehicles, as these vehicles often have substantial blind spots. Drowsy driving, distracted driving, and driving under the influence are also common causes of lane change accidents in New Jersey. When negligent drivers fail to use their turn signal, they can cause serious lane change accidents. Some New Jersey lane change accidents occur because a negligent driver is inexperienced. These collisions are common among young New Jersey drivers who may have difficulty judging the speed of traffic. Lane change accidents often happen on highway onramps when drivers miss almost their exit and negligently attempt to weave through traffic to make it. Lane change accidents also largely occur at night, when New Jersey drivers may be more likely to be under the influence or tired. Since lane change accidents often happen in congested areas, they may involve multiple parties.

Determining Fault After a New Jersey Lane Change Accident

Lane change accidents often happen fast. Victims may be unaware of another driver’s attempt to enter their lane, and, before they know it, they’ve been injured. Since these collisions are often chaotic, it can be difficult to determine fault.  That said, at least one at-fault party is often clear: the driver who negligently attempted to illegally change lanes in the first place.

When a New Jersey collision involves a driver whose negligence resulted in a lane change accident, that driver is generally to blame. Inform your attorney if a New Jersey driver failed to use their turn signal when changing lanes or was speeding at the time. If another party acted negligently in any way, they can be held responsible in a lawsuit for compensatory damages.

Lane change accidents often involve several parties. That’s because these collisions commonly occur on highways and crowded streets. There may be no room or time for victims and other drivers to respond to a negligent driver’s actions, causing a chain reaction.

When multiple parties are involved, it can be difficult to properly attribute fault.t The irresponsible driver who negligently merged into another lane may claim that they were simply reacting to another driver’s actions. Since fault can be unclear, it’s important that New Jersey victims call the police immediately after a lane change accident. Law enforcement officials can complete a crash report and investigate a collision’s cause. This report will contain crucial information and possibly an officer’s own opinions of who the at-fault party is.

It’s also important for victims to hire a Newark car accident lawyer. Your attorney can speak with eyewitnesses and uncover compelling evidence, like security or traffic camera footage, to determine the liable party. Your Elizabeth car accident lawyer can also identify the at-fault party by evaluating the damage to your vehicle. If multiple parties caused or contributed to the severity of a lane change accident, your Jersey City truck accident lawyer can identify those individuals by launching a thorough investigation.

How Can Comparative Fault Laws Impact a Lane Change Accident Lawsuit in New Jersey?

New Jersey’s modified comparative fault laws can play a part in any car accident lawsuit, including those that result from lane change accidents. Comparative fault laws can severely impact a victim’s ability to recover sufficient compensation after a crash.

Lane change accidents can be quite complicated. Whether a negligent driver attempted to merge in front of or behind you may matter. If you and a negligent driver attempted to merge lanes almost simultaneously, that can play a factor in your car accident lawsuit as well.

The more parties involved, the more complex these cases can get. When the at-fault party is unclear, New Jersey car accident victims may have to overcome comparative fault laws. In New Jersey, car accident victims found to be partially at fault for their injuries can see their damages reduced in proportion to their percentage of fault.

Unfortunately, New Jersey’s modified comparative fault laws bar victims from recovering compensation if a negligent driver can show a victim was more than 50% at fault for their injuries. Without an attorney, you may fall victim to comparative fault laws and be unable to recover the damages you actually deserve. That is why hiring an experienced Jersey City car accident lawyer is crucial. Your attorney will be aware of New Jersey’s comparative fault laws and will aim to prove a negligent party’s fault, so that you can recover the compensation you deserve after a lane change accident.

Our New Jersey Attorneys Can Help You After a Lane Change Accident

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