After you get in a car accident, the officers who respond to the scene will investigate the crash and compile their findings into an official accident report. You can use the report to help your insurance claim or potential lawsuit against the other driver. But first, you need to obtain a copy of the report.

If the Old Bridge Police Department filed your accident report, you can obtain it through their records department in person, online, or through the mail. If a state trooper reported your accident, you will have to use the state’s online portal. If no officer filed your accident, you may file it yourself, but you must do so within 10 days of the accident.

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Ways to Get a Car Accident Report from the Old Bridge Police Department

If you got into an accident in Old Bridge and an officer from the Old Bridge Police Department responded, you can get access to a copy of your official accident report through the township’s Records Bureau. The Records Bureau provides three different ways to obtain a copy of your accident report: in person, online, or through the mail.

Records Bureau Counter

To make your crash report request in person, you can visit the Records Bureau’s counter. The counter is on site at the police department headquarters, located at 1 Old Bridge Plaza. The counter is serviced Monday through Friday. Normal business hours for the Records Bureau are 8:15 am to 4:15 pm, but on Wednesdays, they stay open until 7:00 pm. There is no fee for requesting a copy of your report in person at the counter.


If you would rather make your request online, you can use the township’s records website. To track down your specific report, you will need the date and location of the accident, as well as the reference number. The officer who responded to the scene likely gave you the reference number, but if you have misplaced or forgotten it, our Old Bridge car accident attorneys may be able to help. The fee for an online request is $3.50.

Mailed Requests

You may also choose to mail your request in. You will receive a paper copy in the mail in return, for a fee of $5.00. Submit your request application, together with a check or money order for the fee made out to Old Bridge Township, to the address listed below:

Old Bridge Township
Police Records Bureau
1 Old Bridge Plaza
Old Bridge, NJ 08857

You may also fax in the request form to the department at 732-607-7900.

What If a State Trooper Responded to My Old Bridge Car Accident?

You should always be sure to note which department the responding officer or officers belonged to when making your car accident report requests. This is because a report filed by an officer outside of the Old Bridge Police Department won’t be found in the township’s records.

For example, in most cases, car accidents that happen on toll roads, like the Garden State Parkway or the New Jersey Turnpike fall within the purview of state troopers. In these cases, you will have to go through the state’s Department of Transportation (NJDOT) to get your accident report.

New Jersey uses an online portal to facilitate all official car accident reports filed by state troopers. However, because this site is highly used, you should allow 10 to 15 business days to pass from the date of the accident before searching for your report. If you still cannot find your report after this time period has passed, our Jersey City car accident attorneys may be able to help you track it down.

Can You File an Old Bridge, NJ Car Accident Report Yourself?

When you call 911 after an accident (which we always recommend), the officers called to the scene are obligated to file a report if the accident resulted in death, bodily injury, or over $500 of property damage. If, however, no officer is called to the scene of the accident, it is your right and responsibility to report your own accident.

To file yourself, you will have to fill out Form SR-1 and submit it to NJDOT. There is also an online option for you to fill out and submit your form within seconds if you are more comfortable using web resources. You must file the report within 10 days of the date of the accident for it to be valid.

Why Do You Need a Police Report for a Car Accident in Old Bridge, NJ?

Whether the police officer files the report or you do it yourself, having official documentation of your car accident will be critical for your recovery. You can use your car accident report to substantiate an insurance claim or to serve as the basis for preparing your lawsuit against the other driver for their negligence.

If the car accident report filed by the police has errors or inconsistencies, this could affect your recovery efforts. You do, however, have the ability to request corrections be made. You and your Newark car accident lawyer can make these requests using any supplemental evidence that you may have that shows the errors in the existing report.

Legal Care New Jersey Can Help You with Your Police Car Accident Report in Old Bridge, NJ

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