After a car accident, injured plaintiffs can sue other drivers for their damages. While it is possible to take your case to a trial and have a jury render a verdict, many cases never make it this far. Instead, they settle out of court.

Settlements help many injured drivers get the money they need faster than if they had a full trial. When discussing the possibility of a settlement, many plaintiffs want to know what the average settlement in New Jersey looks like. This is often a hard question because settlements depend on many variables. Many accidents settle for several thousand dollars, but plaintiffs with extreme damages may recover much more. Settlements are reached through intense negotiation between the parties. A skilled Jersey City personal injury lawyer can help you maximize your settlement while avoiding roadblocks that might slow you down.

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The Average Car Accident Personal Injury Settlement in New Jersey

The average car accident settlement in New Jersey is hard to pin down because there are so many different forms of insurance coverage. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average insurance payout in 2020 was $20,2335 for bodily injuries and $4,711 for property damage. This is a national average and should be taken with a grain of salt because numerous factors will influence your specific settlement.

Medical bills significantly influence your settlement because they can be so expensive. Plaintiffs that suffer more serious injuries or injuries that take a long time to heal are likely to be awarded larger settlements because their damages are greater. Expensive medical procedures like surgeries often lead to settlements worth six figures.

You must also consider the damage to your vehicle. Typically, you cannot recover more damages than the car is worth. If your car was very expensive and completely destroyed, you can recover for the full value. If your vehicle suffered less serious damage that can be repaired, you can recover fewer damages that only cover the cost of repair.

Our Newark car accident lawyers can also go over any pain and suffering you experienced after the accident. These damages are more subjective because they do not have price tags or predetermined costs. Instead, we have to argue about their worth and prove how they have impacted your life.

How to Reach a Settlement Agreement for a Car Accident in New Jersey

Settling often takes time and the negotiation skills of a good attorney. You should never enter settlement negotiations without the assistance of a lawyer. Our Jersey City car accident attorneys can review your case and determine what kind of settlement you deserve before beginning settlement talks.

Settlement negotiations are often intense discussions between the parties and their attorneys. To get the best settlement possible, you should bring as much evidence as possible that supports your claims. You should also be willing to compromise. Settlements often cover many damages of the plaintiff, but they might not cover all possible damages the plaintiff can claim in a lawsuit.

Even so, do not be afraid. Scare tactics and other strategies used to intimidate plaintiffs are often employed by defendants looking to minimize settlements. We might have to meet several times with the defendant before a settlement is reached. While settlements can be amicable, they have also been known to turn ugly. It is always best to remain firm in your negotiations without stepping on anyone’s toes.

Maximizing Your Car Accident Personal Injury Settlement in New Jersey

You will need evidence to maximize your settlement and get the most compensation possible. As we mentioned earlier, the more evidence supporting your claims, the better your settlement. However, having lots of solid evidence is only the first step. The next step is to find an attorney who has the negotiation skills to leverage that evidence in your favor. Our Paterson car accident lawyers have years of negotiation experience and can help you get your settlement.

You must also be aware of all your damages. Plaintiffs sometimes overlook damages they forgot about or did not realize they could claim. For example, since pain and suffering do not usually come with a direct monetary cost, plaintiffs sometimes leave them out of settlement talks. You must know all your damages in order to get the largest settlement possible.

Roadblocks to a Car Accident Personal Injury Settlement in New Jersey

Our New Jersey car accident attorneys can also help you avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks that might impede your settlement negotiations or minimize compensation. For example, if your defendant is unwilling to compromise, we must show them that you mean business, and you will take your case to a full trial in court if need be. Often, defendants back down because they want to avoid the cost of a trial.

Some cases simply do not have a lot of evidence. This does not mean that you do not deserve compensation. It simply means evidence is lost or unavailable. In these cases, our team can take the evidence you do have and use it strategically to get you more compensation.

You must also be ready to defend against allegations that you are to blame for the accident. In some cases, plaintiffs share responsibility for the accident and their injuries. Defendants often play this card as a way to reduce your total damages. We must bring proof of the defendant’s fault and proof that you are not at fault. The more evidence in your favor, the more likely the defendant will pay a better settlement.

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