The State of New Jersey has requirements that provide for the reporting of all serious car accidents. Typically, the police officer on the scene of the accident will be responsible for reporting the accident. The police report can help victims in a number of ways in securing a recovery.

Police reports on car accidents are a matter of public record in New Jersey. This means that anyone can obtain one if they go through the proper channels. Depending on where the accident occurred, you can get a copy of your police report in person at the department, by mail request, or by downloading it online. When you receive the crash report, check it for mistakes so that you and your attorney can rectify them quickly and painlessly.

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Requesting a Copy of Your Official Police Car Accident Report in Jersey City, NJ

In most instances, you have three distinct options for obtaining a copy of the police report on your accident in Jersey City. These three options are listed below.

Go to the Police Station

In many cases, an in-person visit to the precinct of the officer who wrote up the report can be the most expedient (and least expensive) way to obtain a police report. Be sure that the department you visit was the same one that was responsible for writing the report. You may want to phone ahead of your visit to make sure that the office is open and expecting you, which can reduce the amount of time you spend waiting.

Mail in Your Request

You can also choose to submit your formal request for a police report through the mail. You will be required to fill out a specific form and attach a check or money order for the appropriate administrative fee. When you request a copy of a police report for a car accident by mail, you can indicate whether you would like your copy sent to you by mail or through fax. Depending on when you submit your request and how busy the department is, you can expect to receive your copy within one to two weeks.

Download Your Crash Report Online

If you are more comfortable going through the process via the state portal for crash reports, you may choose to do so. You should know that the administrative fees for downloadable online reports are typically higher, as is the turnaround time for access to your download, particularly if your request includes specific details. Once your download is available, it will remain open for two weeks.

Obtaining Police Reports for Toll Road Accidents in Jersey City, NJ

The rules are a little different for accidents that occur on toll roads, such as the Garden State Parkway or New Jersey Turnpike. In these cases, you likely only have the online option at your disposal, as the reports are filed with the state, rather than any specific police department. To get your toll road car accident report, you must provide the name of the driver involved and the date that the accident occurred.

Obtaining Police Reports for Toll Road Car Accidents Involving Deaths or Government Vehicles

If your accident occurred on a toll road and involved a government-operated vehicle, damage to government property, or resulted in the death of a victim, you will need to call the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to get a copy of your report. You will not be able to engage in the traditional mail or online request processes.

Obtaining reports for these situations is complicated, as are the reports themselves. To give yourself the best chance of recovery for your car accident damages, call one of the seasoned New Jersey personal injury attorneys at Legal Care New Jersey.

Filing Your Own Car Accident Report in Jersey City, NJ

If, for whatever reason, a police officer is not on the scene to document the accident and submit the report, you have the ability to file it yourself. You must complete the appropriate form and submit it to the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) within 10 days of the date of the accident.

While car accident victims are able to file the report themselves, we always suggest that you take advantage of the procedures put in place by state legislation and let the authorities handle your report. In the aftermath of a serious car accident, victims may feel panicked or overwhelmed by their experience or the physical consequences of the collision. You should be able to focus on keeping yourself safe and getting medical care without having to deal with writing down insurance numbers or taking note of street signs.

If you need to file your own car accident report, we recommend that you enlist the help of one of our reliable Jersey City car accident attorneys.

Amending a Police Report for a Car Accident in Jersey City, NJ

Every once in a while, official police reports contain misremembered details or flawed information. If acted upon quickly, these errors can be fixed. You should work with your attorney on the amendment request process for a police report, where you can submit additional evidence and information to correct any mistakes that may prove to be costly down the line.

Our Jersey City Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You with Your Police Accident Report

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