In the aftermath of a New Jersey car accident, it’s important that victims seek immediate medical attention. That said, victims need to know which specific doctors they should see following a collision in New Jersey.

Right after a New Jersey car accident, go to the hospital. Emergency room doctors can immediately assess your injuries and apply the necessary treatment. Next, speak to your primary care physician. While victims should often go to the emergency room after an accident instead of their usual doctor immediately after a car accident, it makes sense for them to inform a primary care physician about their injuries. Finally, seek continued medical care from specialists. By seeing the right doctors after a car accident, New Jersey you can create medical evidence that can support your claim against a negligent driver.

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What Types of Doctors Should I See After a New Jersey Car Accident?

After a damaging car accident in New Jersey, it is important victims take the necessary next steps. Your Jersey City car accident lawyer will tell you that getting immediate medical attention is one of the most important things you can do following a collision. That being said, getting continuous medical care is also crucial. Immediately after a car accident in New Jersey, visit the emergency room. Next, you can check in with your primary care physician to inform them of your condition. Finally, seek continued care from specialists to help you heal.

Emergency Room Physicians

The first type of doctor you should see after a car accident in New Jersey is one in an emergency room. Doctors who work in New Jersey emergency rooms are experienced in treating victims with traumatic car accident injuries. An emergency room physician has access to the high-tech equipment and medical supplies necessary to treat your immediate injuries and assess their severity.

Visiting the emergency room immediately after a New Jersey car accident is not only helpful to victims but also necessary. While some car accident injuries are severe, requiring immediate medical attention, some injuries lurk under the surface and don’t present until weeks after an accident. An emergency room doctor can apply the proper tests and carefully assess you to catch any apparent or underlying injuries.

Primary Care Physicians

Once New Jersey victims get the necessary immediate medical attention after a car accident, they can loop their primary care physicians in. Now, it’s important to note that the first stop after an accident should not be to your primary care physician. Your regular doctor probably won’t have the resources or experience to treat such severe injuries at their private practice.

That said, victims often feel more comfortable and at ease with their primary care physicians. So, it only makes sense to visit your usual doctor after getting immediate medical attention at a hospital. Your primary care physician will be familiar with your medical history and likely knows you better than any other medical professional. Your doctor can help create a treatment plan or advise you on how to heal after a New Jersey car accident.

Medical Specialists

Your Newark car accident lawyer will tell you that continuing your medical care and treatment plan after a collision is crucial. Victims should always see medical specialists that can help them heal in the aftermath of a car accident. Specialists may be recommended to you by emergency room physicians or your primary care doctor. These medical professionals are skilled in a particular sector of medicine and health. Depending on your injuries, a specialist may be a physical therapist or neurologist.

Seeking medical care from specialists is vital for your health and healing after an accident. Maintaining regular visits with specialists who can work closely with you to improve your health and quality of life in the weeks and months following a collision is important.

Why is it Important to See the Right Doctors After a Car Accident in New Jersey?

If you sue a negligent driver after a New Jersey car accident, you may recover damages. In order to recover damages, you need to show that you’ve sustained them. That is why visiting the proper medical professionals after a car accident is crucial. Not only will you be able to gather medical bills to be compensated for, but it will create evidence that shows the severity of your injuries. This can help you recover substantial damages in a lawsuit against a negligent driver.

Getting immediate medical attention after a New Jersey car accident is necessary. Your medical records from right after a collision can show the initial severity of your injuries and that they were caused by a car accident involving a defendant. Waiting to seek medical attention is never wise, so always go to the hospital after a New Jersey car accident.

While visiting your primary care physician is less crucial for the success of your New Jersey car accident lawsuit, it can still help. Your usual doctor can help you relax and better understand your injuries in the wake of a New Jersey collision.

Seeking continued medical care is also vital. Using your medical records from specialists, your Elizabeth car accident lawyer will be able to illustrate the extent of your injuries and your need for economic and non-economic damages.

Not seeing these medical professionals after a New Jersey car accident can create a gap in your medical treatment. This can negatively impact a lawsuit against a negligent driver, as gaps in medical treatment can make your injuries appear insignificant and make you seem uninterested in healing.

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