Police reports for car accidents are often important when injured victims seek compensation from negligent drivers in Mount Laurel. You can access your report by contacting the proper law enforcement agency.

You can get a police report for a motor vehicle accident in Mount Laurel by navigating to BuyCrash.com or the website of the New Jersey State Police, depending on which agency responded to your collision. Victims need to input certain information to obtain a police report online, such as accident report numbers, their names, and the dates and locations of their accidents. You should obtain your crash report as soon as possible so that you can use it to build your compensation case. While victims can self-report a car crash in the days following a collision, it is often more useful when they call the police to report a crash immediately after it occurs in Mount Laurel.

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How Can You Get a Mount Laurel, NJ Police Report for a Car Accident?

Depending on where your accident occurred and which law enforcement agency responded to your crash, you might be able to get a police report for a motor vehicle accident using several different methods in Mount Laurel.

The first way is by going through the Mount Laurel Police Department. Police reports created by this agency are sent to BuyCrash.com. Once you navigate to the website, select the state where your accident happened, New Jersey, and the jurisdiction, Mount Laurel Police Department. From there, you can locate your report using one of three methods. The first is by inputting the report number, which officers should have given you at the accident scene. The second option is to input your last name and the accident date. The final option is inputting your last name and the street where your accident took place. If your report is still not found after you provide the proper information, inform our New Jersey personal injury attorneys. We can contact the Mount Laurel Police Department directly to obtain a copy of your report.

There are toll roads in Mount Laurel, such as the New Jersey Turnpike. If you were hurt on a toll road and New Jersey State Police responded to your accident, you can request a copy of your report by going to that agency’s website. The New Jersey State Police also provides crash reports for accidents on non-toll roads. When locating your report from the New Jersey State Police, you may have to give your case number, license plate number, driver’s license number, last name, and the crash date. If you face any challenges when obtaining a report, inform our attorneys.

When Should You Get a Police Report for a Car Accident in Mount Laurel, NJ?

It is best to get the police report for your car accident as soon as possible. That way, our lawyers can use the crash report to begin building your case for compensation against a negligent driver.

Police reports take some time to complete in Mount Laurel. Officers will begin writing an accident report and then verify the report after gaining information from the accident scene. Because of this, it may be several business days before your report becomes accessible online.

Do not wait to get the report for your recent collision in Mount Laurel. Although police reports are inadmissible as evidence, they can allow our lawyers to learn more about a crash and gain a deeper insight into its cause. Additionally, police reports typically contain the names and contact information of eyewitnesses. Eyewitnesses may be able to give statements in support of your claim. The longer you go without learning the names of eyewitnesses and getting their statements, the more degraded their memories might become.

Urgency is important following a car accident. When you get the police report right away, you can verify the information and alert officers to any inconsistencies. This can allow you to meet the filing deadline for your case, which is two years in Mount Laurel.

Self-Reporting vs. Calling the Police After a Car Crash in Mount Laurel, NJ

Any accident that results in injury, death, or $500 worth of property damage must be reported to law enforcement in Mount Laurel. Victims can do this by calling the police immediately following a crash or by self-reporting in the coming days. The former is always the better option.

Sometimes, victims are not immediately aware of their injuries, leading them to believe that calling the police after a car accident is unnecessary. In New Jersey, victims have ten days to report a collision to the proper authorities. If you did not alert the police of your crash right after it occurred, you can do so using Form SR-1. This form will require you to provide law enforcement with detailed information about the crash, such as its location, the parties involved, property damage, and any injuries sustained by victims.

While you can self-report if you failed to call the police following your accident, it may not be as useful when you file your claim against a negligent driver. An at-fault party could be more likely to contest the information you cited in your self-reporting of an accident. Because law enforcement was not on the scene, verifying the details within your self-report form might be harder. While it is still possible for victims to recover compensation when they self-report a car accident, it might be more challenging than if they called the police following a motor vehicle crash in Mount Laurel.

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