If you were recently hurt in a car crash, call the police so that they make an accident report. Doing this could help you recover the compensatory damages you deserve from a negligent driver.

After being injured in a car accident in Linden, you should get a copy of the police report that corresponds with your collision. You can do this by going to the Linden Police Department in person or by downloading a report online. Getting copies of these reports is important for victims, as doing so can allow victims to build well-rounded cases for compensation against negligent drivers. When obtaining a report, be prepared to provide identifying information about yourself and your crash. There might be small fees associated with getting a police report for a motor vehicle accident as well.

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How Can Car Accident Victims Get Copies of Police Reports in Linden, NJ?

You can obtain the car accident report for your recent collision in one of two ways in Linden. You can either go to the Linden Police Department or download a copy of your report online.

In Person

The Linden Police Department provides accident reports to victims Monday through Thursday, between the hours of nine in the morning and three-thirty in the afternoon. When you get to the Linden Police Department, which is located at 301 North Wood Avenue in Linden, NJ, you might be asked a series of questions about your motor vehicle accident. For example, officers may ask you to confirm your name, driver’s license number, license plate number, and the report number. Suppose you do not know your report number or are unable to go to the Linden Police Department because of the severity of your injuries. In that case, our New Jersey personal injury lawyers can do so on your behalf. Copies range in price from five cents per page to seven cents per page, depending on their size. If there are CD recordings that go with your report, copies of the CDs will cost 25 cents each.


If you do not want to go to the Linden Police Department to get your car crash report, you can do so online. Victims can download copies of police reports by going to BuyCrash.com. When you choose this method, you must select the state and jurisdiction where your accident occurred. You will also have to provide additional details about your identity and the crash itself to locate your report online. Once you do, you can download a copy of your report to refer to during the course of your car accident claim in Linden. Downloading a police report from BuyCrash.com will come with a small fee for victims.

Reasons to Get a Copy of a Police Report for a Car Accident in Linden, NJ

While police reports cannot be used as evidence in car accident claims, they can help our attorneys when organizing and building your case. Getting a copy of your crash report will be vital in recovering compensatory damages for your injuries in Linden.

Car accidents are chaotic, and victims might not remember every detail about the events leading up to and following a collision. A police report can help to jog your memory about certain aspects of a crash, such as its exact location and the time of day it occurred. Police reports also note the names and contact information of all involved parties. When victims are severely injured, they may be unable to speak to negligent drivers directly and learn of their identities. The police report for your accident can help on that front.

Officers will also note the weather and road conditions at the time of a collision and any possible contributing factors to a crash. For example, if a negligent driver admitted to texting or speeding at the time of the accident, such information will be noted. Apparent property damage and injuries to victims will also be included in police reports. Law enforcement officials may also collect the names of eyewitnesses who might be able to provide useful testimony in your case. Police reports are most effective when victims alert law enforcement agencies to car accidents immediately after they occur in Linden.

What to Remember When Getting a Police Report for a Car Accident in Linden, NJ

Although getting a police report for a car crash should be a relatively simple process, there are certain things that victims should keep in mind.

First, police officers rarely give information about car accidents to individuals that are not involved in a case. Because of this, you might face challenges when obtaining your crash report if you cannot verify your identity or provide the necessary information about the collision.

Second, police reports are not available immediately after accidents occur. Officers must verify the information within police reports so that they document accidents accurately. Because of this, victims can expect to wait several business days, and in some cases several weeks, before they can obtain copies. That said, a significant delay could indicate that your police report was not properly filed. Should that be the case, our lawyers can contact the Linden Police Department to inquire about the reasons for the delay.

Finally, when you obtain a police report, it might be difficult for you to read. Police officers use specific abbreviations and jargon within these reports that might be confusing to victims. Allow our lawyers to explain the contents of your crash report and then use the information within it to begin building your case for compensation in Linden.

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