Insurance companies are supposed to help people cover expenses when they need it most. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes make serious mistakes or act in bad faith, and their customers suffer the consequences.

Insurance companies do not necessarily cover every claim. Whether your claim should be covered depends on the terms of your insurance policy and the nature of your claim. If your policy does not cover your injuries, the insurance company may safely deny your claim and pay nothing. If you believe the insurance company denied the claim in error or is dealing in bad faith, you can take legal action to make them cover your claim. There might be several reasons to sue, including bad faith dealings, mistakes in the review process, and delayed or insufficient payments. The evidence we need depends on why your claim was denied and the terms of your insurance policy.

If your insurance company failed to have your back when you needed them, they might be in breach of your policy. Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys can help you sue the insurance company and get the compensation you need. For a free case review, call Legal Care New Jersey at (732) 838-9769.

What Happens When an Insurance Company Denies Your Claim?

An insurance company might deny portions of your claim or the entire claim, depending on your circumstances. Claims are often denied after being reviewed by the insurance company, and the time it takes for an insurance company to review your claim and make a decision might vary. Although insurance companies often promise a quick turnaround, this is not always the case. Our Jersey City personal injury lawyers can help you communicate with insurance companies, so your claims process goes as smoothly as possible.

If your insurance company denies your claim very quickly, this might be a red flag signaling something is wrong. Denied claims are not paid out, and people whose claims are denied are often left scrambling for other options to help them cover their expenses. For some, a denied insurance claim might mean they cannot afford to cover medical care, a totaled vehicle, or rebuilding a destroyed home.

A denied claim does not have to be the end of the road for you. Insurance companies make mistakes or sometimes are not fair in how they decide claims. Our legal team can help you look into why your claim was denied and take legal action to make the insurance company cover your damages.

Taking Legal Action After an Insurance Company Denies Your Claim in New Jersey

Insurance policies are like contracts. The terms of your insurance policy govern how and when the insurance company will pay for your injuries and expenses. Not every claim is covered by a particular policy. Our Edison personal injury attorneys must review the terms and conditions of your policy, as they might provide restrictions or limitations on your case.

Since insurance policies are contracts between you and an insurance company, the insurance company might breach the contract if they deny your claim when they should have approved it. Insurance policies and contracts are binding agreements, and we can sue the insurance company for breaching that agreement. However, the resolution to your problem might also be spelled out in the terms of your policy.

We can help you file a lawsuit against the insurance company if they wrongfully deny your claim. However, there might be legal channels we have to exhaust first before we can sue. For example, suppose we believe the insurance company denied your claim due to an error or oversight. In that case, we must bring the error to their attention and allow them to correct it before we escalate the situation to a lawsuit.

Reasons to Sue an Insurance Company for Denying Your Claim in New Jersey

Insurance companies wrongfully deny claims more often than people realize. However, not every case is the same. Often, claims are wrongfully denied because of a mistake made during the review process. In other cases, the insurance company might be dealing in bad faith and denying claims they know they have to cover. Our Lakewood personal injury attorneys can help you determine why your claim was denied so we can file a lawsuit.

Mistakes in the review process are not uncommon, and insurance companies might overlook details of your case or terms within your policy and mistakenly deny your claim. The problem arises when the insurance company refuses to reconsider its decision when confronted with its mistake. If the insurance company refuses to correct its error, a lawsuit might be needed to force them to fix the situation.

Not every denial is the result of an error. Unfortunately, insurance companies have a bad reputation for being less than honest when it helps them save money. Bad faith dealings are not just dishonest but illegal, and insurance companies might face legal penalties for their fraudulent dealings. One example of bad faith dealing would be if the insurance company charged the terms of your policy without notifying you so that they could deny your claims and save money.

You can also file a lawsuit against your insurance company for not paying enough or not paying on time. If your insurance company approved your claim but failed to begin payments or stopped issuing payments, we can help you sue to get payments started or restarted.

Evidence You Need When Suing an Insurance Company in New Jersey

Perhaps the most important piece of evidence in your lawsuit is your policy. The policy is the contract between you and the insurance company and contains all the rules both parties must follow. If the policy clearly states that your claim should have been approved, the insurance company can be held liable for violating the terms of the policy.

We should also gather evidence of your injuries, like medical records and evidence from the scene of the accident. We can use evidence of your injuries to prove that your claim meets the criteria set by your insurance policy and that the insurance company should have approved you.

It is also important to keep any records about your policy and claim, such as records of your application, emails between you and insurance representatives, and mail or notices from the insurance company. These records and documents might shed some light on why your claim was denied and whether the denial was valid.

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