New Jersey mandates reporting for certain vehicle accidents. Learning which accidents to report is crucial. If you’re required to report a collision and fail to, you may unknowingly jeopardize your future compensation claim against a negligent driver.

Only vehicle accidents resulting in death, injury, or property damage need to be reported in New Jersey. That said, victims should report any vehicle accident to New Jersey law enforcement officials right away as injuries and property damage aren’t always apparent immediately after a collision. The Department of Transportation and your insurance company should also be notified after a crash. Quickly reporting your vehicle accident is crucial, as missing deadlines can negatively impact your compensation claim. Instead of worrying about who to report your accident to and when, turn to a reliable attorney you can trust for help.

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What Types of Vehicle Accidents Must Be Reported in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, only certain accidents must be reported to the authorities. Generally, only collisions involving death, injury, or property damage require reporting. That said, it benefits victims to report any type of vehicle accident so that documentation exists of their collision.


If you were injured in a car accident that caused another person’s death, you have to report it. Any New Jersey car accident resulting in a victim’s death must be reported to local law enforcement officials. This is absolutely crucial, so police officers must thoroughly investigate the cause of a victim’s death. If your loved one died in a New Jersey car accident, it is the negligent driver’s responsibility to report the incident as soon as possible.


All vehicle accidents resulting in injury must be reported in New Jersey. It doesn’t matter how severe your injuries are, as New Jersey doesn’t specify which injuries must be reported. Reporting injuries is crucial so that there is documentation of your damages and their likely cause. Even if you don’t initially appear injured after a crash, our Jersey City car accident lawyers advise victims to always report a collision. That’s because common car accident injuries like whiplash are known to appear in the days following a collision.

Property Damage

New Jersey has a relatively low threshold for reporting accidents resulting in property damage. If over $500 worth of property damage is done to your vehicle, you must report a crash in New Jersey. Estimating property damage can be difficult after a collision. It’s best to err on the side of caution and always report a vehicle accident, even if you’re unsure of the cost of the property damage done to your car.

Parties to Contact After a Vehicle Accident in New Jersey

Knowing that you have to report your car accident under certain circumstances is important, but so is knowing which agencies to contact. After a New Jersey vehicle accident, victims may have to inform the police, the Department of Transportation, and their insurance.

If your New Jersey car accident results in death, injury, or property damage, you must report it to the police and the Department of Transportation. Victims are required to do this within ten days of a crash in New Jersey.

Car accident victims should also report any injuries sustained in a crash to medical professionals. Seeking immediate and continued medical care is crucial to prove your need for damages in a lawsuit against a negligent driver. While you do not need to file an official report with a New Jersey hospital, you should get medical care right away to document your injuries further.

It’s also important to inform your insurance carrier of a crash since New Jersey’s complicated no-fault insurance laws can make it challenging for victims to recover compensation. If you’re unsure how to report your injuries to your personal injury protection insurance and a negligent driver’s liability insurance, ask a Newark car accident lawyer for assistance. Your attorney can help you report a vehicle accident to the necessary parties.

What Happens if You Don’t Report Your New Jersey Vehicle Accident?

If you don’t report your vehicle accident when required, you may face consequences in New Jersey. Not to mention, failing to report a collision can negatively impact your compensation claim against a negligent driver.

When car accident victims fail to report certain vehicle accidents, they can be penalized. Your license may be suspended if you were involved in a collision that resulted in death, injury, or property damage and did not report it. This is true, even for car accident victims who sustained injuries in a crash.

Reporting vehicle accidents is crucial so that you can create documentation of your injuries. If you don’t report your collision to the police, law enforcement officials cannot create a crash report. Although police reports aren’t considered evidence in New Jersey car accident lawsuits, they can serve as documentation of an accident occurs and a victim’s immediate injuries. New Jersey car accident lawyers can also use the information within a police report to uncover additional evidence that supports your claim. If a police report doesn’t exist, it can be difficult to recover the damages you deserve.

The same can be said when car accident victims fail to report their injuries to medical professionals and their insurance. Failing to report your injuries puts your compensation claim at risk. Unfortunately, some victims may be unaware of these requirements and unknowingly fail to report vehicle accidents. That is why hiring an attorney is crucial. Your Paterson car accident lawyer can help you meet all vehicle accident reporting requirements so your compensation claim isn’t jeopardized.

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