When police officers respond to the scene of the accident, they often conduct an investigation and submit their findings in an official car accident report. This report can be used to support an insurance claim or to provide background for a personal injury lawsuit in Trenton.

Therefore, it is important that you understand how to get your hands on your official police report. If the Trenton Police Department filed your report, you can obtain a copy by visiting the department in person or by submitting a mailed request. If your accident happened on a toll road, you probably have to go through the state’s official website. If there was no report submitted for your accident, you have the ability to file yourself.

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Getting a Police Report for a Non-Toll Road Accident in Trenton, NJ

If the police officer who reported your accident worked for the Trenton Police Department, you have two options for obtaining a copy of your official report. You can either go to the department headquarters directly or submit your request through the mail.

Visiting the Department in Person

If you live in Trenton or the department is close to your daily commute, you may prefer to make your request in person. The requesting party may visit the Records Office, which is located within the department, at 225 N. Clinton Avenue. The Records Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

The fee for obtaining a police report depends on the length of the report. For the first 10 pages, the fee will be $0.50 per page, and then $0.10 for each page after that. You should allow about 7-10 business days between the date of the accident and your visit to give the department more time to file your report, since these reports are rarely filed on the day that the accident occurred.

You should have some form of official identification as well as the report number when you visit the department. The reporting officer should have given you the report number at the scene. If you never received the report number or have misplaced it, you may be able to use the date that the report was filed to help the Records Office locate your report.

Mail Requests

If getting to the Trenton Police Department presents difficulties for you, you also have the option to request that your report be sent to you by mail. Submit your mailed request together with a cashier’s check for the flat fee of $5. You should address your mail as follows:

Trenton Police Headquarters
Records Office, 2nd Floor
225 N Clinton Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08609

Because of recent backup in the mail system in New Jersey, allow ample time for the Trenton Police Department to process your request and return your accident report copy. However, if you have not heard back within a few weeks of submitting your request, there is nothing wrong with calling the department to make sure that they received your request and that it has been processed.

What If Your Accident Occurred on a Toll Road in Trenton, NJ?

Most accidents that occur on the roadways of Trenton are the responsibility of the Trenton Police Department. However, if your accident occurred on a toll road, such as the Garden State Parkway or the New Jersey Turnpike, it is likely that the officer who responded to the scene was a state trooper. If this was the case, you won’t be able to find your accident report at the Trenton Police Department headquarters.

Reports for toll road accidents that are filed by New Jersey state police officers are only available through the state’s online portal. You should have the party name, the location of the accident, and the date and time of the accident on hand when you search for your accident. Requests from the portal carry a $5 flat fee with an additional $20 charge for any visual media evidence, such as pictures of the scene, if it is available.

Just like with Trenton police reports, New Jersey state reports won’t be available immediately after the accident. You should wait roughly 10-15 business days following the date of your accident to search for your accident report on the portal. If your report is still not available after this time, call your New Jersey personal injury lawyers for assistance.

Can You Report a Car Accident Yourself in Trenton, NJ?

At Legal Care New Jersey, we always recommend that you call 911 to the scene of an accident, regardless of how severe you believe your injuries are. However, we recognize that this step isn’t always taken, for a variety of reasons. In these instances, you are able to file your own report. In fact, you are legally required to file a car accident report if the accident causes injury or property damage over $500. If you don’t, you may face consequences to your license, not to mention your ability to file an insurance claim.

New Jersey’s self-reporting form for car accidents is called Form SR-1. You can either submit the form online or by mail to the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) by using the filing procedures outlined on the form. You only have 10 days from the date of the accident to submit Form SR-1, so be sure to act quickly.

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