After a truck accident, there are a lot of steps to take to get compensation.  Missing some of the most important steps can leave you with additional problems and potentially even block you from getting compensation.

The most important steps to take after a truck accident in New Jersey are to report the accident to the police, get medical treatment, collect evidence, and call a lawyer.  There are a few ways to go about some of the specifics within these steps, so we will go over each one.

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Calling the Police to Report a New Jersey Truck Accident

Any car accidents involving injuries need to be reported to the police in New Jersey.  This means that after the crash, you could call 911 right away.

Not only does this satisfy your legal requirements, but it also helps build your case.  The police that respond to the scene will create and submit a police report.  This report can help you and your Newark truck accident lawyers put together evidence about the crash.  Having a report and a record of the crash will also help with any insurance claims you need to file.

If you do not report your crash, the defense will try to claim that the events never happened.  Moreover, you are going to need to call for an ambulance to treat your injuries anyway, so report the accident to law enforcement at the same time.

Getting Medical Care After an NJ Truck Accident

Getting medical care after a crash is one of the most important steps to take.  If you do not seek medical care, the defense will try to claim that your accident was not that serious if you did not need treatment.  Any gaps in your medical care will also be used as evidence that you potentially let your injuries get worse, racking up additional damages.  Getting treatment immediately helps you…

  • Build a record of your injuries
  • Treat the injuries to prevent them from getting worse
  • Provide evidence that your injuries were serious enough to need immediate medical treatment
  • Return to work and activities of daily living sooner.

When seeking medical treatment for a car accident, you typically need to go to a hospital.  Urgent care clinics and family doctors often refuse “third-party billing” through car insurance.  Hospitals, however, cannot turn away injured patients and usually must accept payment from your no-fault insurance.

However, medical care does not come unless you ask for it.  When you call 911, request an ambulance and follow all recommendations from the EMTs.  If they say you do not need to go to the hospital, consider following up with your normal doctor or going to the ER if any new injuries appear over the next 24-48 hours.  Many injuries, such as whiplash, are not obvious until the next day.

Evidence to Collect After a Truck Accident in New Jersey

The more evidence of the truck driver’s fault that you have, the easier it will be for your Jersey City truck accident lawyers to prove your case.  You will need some basic information that you can collect by staying at the scene of the accident and asking some simple questions of the other people involved in the crash.  Other evidence can be gathered through your own notes and photos of the crash.

When involved in a truck accident, make sure to get the following information from the others involved in the accident:

  • The name and contact info of the driver who hit you
  • The name of the company the driver works for, and their contact info
  • Insurance information for the driver and the trucking company
  • The name, contact info, and insurance info for any other drivers involved in the accident
  • The make, model, color, and other identifying information about the truck and any other vehicles involved in the crash
  • Contact info for any witnesses

Additionally, you should take notes about where the accident happened, what time it happened, the lighting and weather conditions at the accident scene, information on the current road conditions, and information about any traffic signs or signals in the area.  You can take pictures of a lot of these things or take notes on your phone or on paper.

Additionally, make sure to snap photos of the vehicle damage, injuries, and crash scene.  If you do not have a cell phone with a camera or your phone was damaged in the crash, consider asking a friend or family member to come to the accident scene to take photos.  Good photos can help your New Jersey car accident lawyers build a strong case.

If you are unable to stay and collect evidence because you need to go to the hospital, see if a friend or family member can help collect evidence.  The police officer’s report will also contain much of the information you need as a backup.

Calling a Lawyer After a New Jersey Truck Accident

You should always work with a lawyer after a truck accident in New Jersey.  Trucking companies and their insurance providers often have strong legal teams whose job is to deny claims, beat cases in court, and settle claims for low-dollar payouts.  Our New Jersey truck accident attorneys can help you understand what your case is truly worth, fight for a higher settlement, and fight your case in court if necessary.

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